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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Why Does God Send Unbelievers to Hell?

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Actually, I do (and do want to) understand the hermeneutics of those with opposing theological positions. I am not uneducated (not that you were suggesting I was!). These are things I have studied for much of my Christian life. There are many things on which I am uncertain. This is not one of them.

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 Re: Why Does God Send Unbelievers to Hell?

Ultimate Death (or hell) is alienation from God, who is the only source of Life.

This is true. When a person goes through his/her life rejecting the call of God, then, in an ironic twist of fate, God will give them what they wanted their whole life.

They will be separated from Him for ever, they will only have themselves and they will live in a world of people who only have themselves. We've seen a small glimpse of such a place in two world wars.

In the light of this we cannot talk about hell lightly, but we should tremble and have tears over this matter.

Ron Halverson

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