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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow :  How 'bout this "coincidence?"

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  How 'bout this "coincidence?"

I don't think I have shared this before. I checked and didn't see it but if I missed it, I apologize.

As some of you may know, I had heart bypass surgery on Feb 7. In preparation for this surgery and in the midst of blood tests the doctors discovered I had a low platelet count likely due to hepatitis B I had 49 years ago in 1973. They said my liver had been damaged but not altogether seriously but my platelet production had been curtailed a bit because of the injured liver. I never knew it all these years and have never had any problems. Platelets are essential for blood clotting properly. The doctors certainly did not want me overly bleeding during the actual surgery because of a lack of platelets. And after they closed me up they of course wanted my blood to clot properly to prevent post-op internal bleeding.

So, in preparation for surgery, they recommended I take a specialty drug called Doptlet that was only approved in 2019. The drug was supposed to help my liver and marrow produce more platelets. It was very expensive although insurance helped me greatly with the price. Under their direction, I took it for five days and got a blood test afterward. Before I took it, my platelet count was 82. After I took the medicine, the count was only 84. I was not too impressed with the medicine at that point. The doctors were hoping for a count of 100.

So I arrived at the hospital two days later with a low platelet count. I just assumed they would have some on hand if they needed them for me. A mere couple of hours before surgery, they took some blood from me and "for some reason" my platelet count was at 109, enough for the doctors to feel safe. Later that day after surgery they took some blood and the count was at 129! The day after major surgery is important for anyone as far as far as proper blood clotting and internal bleeding is concerned. They checked the day after surgery and my platelet count was at 166! I had more than enough just when I needed them. The doctors and my brorher who was with me were incredulous. The doctor who did the actual surgery was visiting me in my room the next day and he said he didn't know what happened to those platelets. I told him I knew. I said a lot of good people were praying for those platelets. He threw up his hands in front of him and laughed and said, "I guess so!" as he left the room. My brother checked the official record the hospital kept and my platelet count number I have shared is official.

Bottom line: These platelets showed up EXACTLY AT THE TIME I NEEDED THEM. I don't know if the Lord restrained the medicine from working for a few days or whether He personally caused the platelets to appear. But appear they did. It was 11:59 and I needed them by 12:00. And there they were!

Sometimes He saves His surprises for the last. I must admit, He surprised me and everyone this time. He does all things well. I'm still a bit incredulous! I just wanted to share it. Meanwhile, I'm mending pretty well.

David Winter

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 Re: How 'bout this "coincidence?"

I love stories like that!


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