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Do you mind posting it here so I can read it :). Thanks!

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Here is my copy, I hope you don't mind the old English:

READING of the word in the congregation, being part of the publick worship of God, (wherein we acknowledge our dependence upon him, and subjection to him,) and one mean sanctified by him for the edifying of his people, is to be performed by the pastors and teachers.

Howbeit, such as intend the ministry, may occasionally both read the word, and exercise their gift in preaching in the congregation, if allowed by the presbytery thereunto. --We're Baptist, so we don't have to have the permission of the Presbytery. :)

All the canonical books of the Old and New Testament (but none of those which are commonly called Apocrypha) shall be publickly read in the vulgar tongue, out of the best allowed translation, distinctly, that all may hear and understand.

How large a portion shall be read at once, is left to the wisdom of the minister; but it is convenient, that ordinarily one chapter of each Testament be read at every meeting; and sometimes more, where the chapters be short, or the coherence of matter requireth it.

It is requisite that all the canonical books be read over in order, that the people may be better acquainted with the whole body of the scriptures; and ordinarily, where the reading in either Testament endeth on one Lord’s day, it is to begin the next.

We commend also the more frequent reading of such scriptures as he that readeth shall think best for edification of his hearers, as the book of Psalms, and such like.

When the minister who readeth shall judge it necessary to expound any part of what is read, let it not be done until the whole chapter or psalm be ended; and regard is always to be had unto the time, that neither preaching, nor other ordinances be straitened, or rendered tedious. Which rule is to be observed in all other publick performances.

Beside publick reading of the holy scriptures, every person that can read, is to be exhorted to read the scriptures privately, (and all others that cannot read, if not disabled by age, or otherwise, are likewise to be exhorted to learn to read,) and to have a Bible.

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Thank you for sharing.

Reading this thread, I am reminded of Paul's teaching: "So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ." (Romans 10:17)

The depth, power, and richness of the Word of God is the blessing to the world as we can attest. Public reading should be encouraged. There are many who benefit to merely "hear" the scriptures read (from one to another or a group). We are blessed with much media but there was a time when the WORD was only shared orally.

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Thank you!

That is simple but necessary. I will definitely bring that up as we transition to eldership!

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