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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Great Awakening III in America?

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 Great Awakening III in America?

I am believing God for another great revival in America. Share your experiences and church conditions here at this forum. I am also available at [email protected] to futher discuss the steps to experience a true revival of God.

God Bless

Kelby 8-)


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Cleveland, Georgia

 Re: Great Awakening III in America?

I don't usually use this phrasiology, but DUDE!

I have gone to a church off and on for about the last fifteen years or so, and I think we are on the verge of revival. The last two sermons by our evangelism minister in a series on Micah have been GREAT!

During the first sermon, you could hear thunder clap in between sentences as a storm passed over. He talked about how the modern day church has become like the false prophets, and say to the man on fire for God, "Micah, just say what we want you to say." He preached that Methodists used to be a people that believed Hell was hot! Very convicting. I could not stop crying during the altar call and the closing hymn, and it wasn't because I felt guilty. It was because God was there. I just kept praying that He would send His holy fire, and convert people, and cause the backsliders to repent.

The next sermon said that our denomination had been disobediant in the Great Commision for 125 years, and that hanging sheetrock and laying carpet is only giving people what they want, rather than giving them what they need: Jesus. The speakers crackled a couple of times he shouted so well. It was outstanding! He said the spirit of Jezebel, that when allowed to run freely in a congregation, will destroy unity among the believers. And that it needed to be rebuked in the name of the Lord Jesus. Some of the old timers said they had not heard a sermon like that since they were kids.

Hope things are looking toward revival for others. Looking forward to hearing about it.


Hal Bachman

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