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 Gifts of the Spirit

Right now at my church I am currently teaching on the gifts of the Spirit, and made a very short worksheet to accompany the study, so I thought I'd it on for everybody's edification.

The following are a list of the gifts of the Holy Spirit as they appear in Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12, Ephesians 4:11, and 1 Timothy 3 as described in the New American Standard Bible. Accompanying each gifting name is a brief description of that gift, along with other names the gift appears to be called by in other places in Scripture. Please keep in mind that the Scriptures do not always describe what some of these gifts are- they simply just name the gift -therefore some of these descriptions are based on personal opinion. Altogether, I have listed 18 different gifts mentioned in the New Testament.

Apostles - Our modern day word “missionary” comes from this word. An apostle is “one who is sent.” They go out and establish churches, as well as providing spiritual oversight to the churches they plant and have fellowship with.

Prophets/Prophecy - Prophets speak the word of the Lord as He gives them utterance through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Evangelists/Preacher/Preaching - Evangelists act as an announcer/proclaimer/herald of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Their primary function is to share the gospel with the unsaved.

Pastors/Overseers/Elders/Leaders - In the New Testament, the responsibility of the spiritual oversight of a congregation falls into the hands of a group of pastors (never referring to “the” pastor).

Teachers/Teaching - Teachers instruct others in the doctrines of Christ.

Deacons - The responsibility of overseeing the more “practical” matters of the local church falls into the hands of a group of deacons.

Word of Wisdom - Providing wise advice.

Word of Knowledge - By means of revelation, one is given knowledge about a matter that would otherwise be unknown.

Faith - The ability to believe God for certain things to come to pass.

Healing - The ability to lay hands on the sick and see them recover.

Miracles - The ability to perform signs e.g. Parting of the Red Sea.

Distinguishing of Spirits - Insight to if something is of God or not.

Tongues - Inspired utterance in an unknown language.

Interpretation of Tongues - Interpreting an utterance given in tongues.

Service - Some translations refer to it as “helps.”

Exhortation - A word that provokes and encourages.

Giving - People with this gift often feel strong urges from the Holy Spirit to give to others.

Mercy - Being able to show compassion to those that are especially undeserving.

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