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 Spurgeon on Slavery

In 1860, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, who was pastoring in London, England, was asked to make a statement on American slavery. True to form, he avoided subtlety.

“I do from my inmost soul detest slavery anywhere and everywhere, and although I commune at the Lord’s table with men of all creeds, yet with a slaveholder I have no fellowship of any sort or kind. Whenever one has called upon me, I have considered it my duty to express my detestation of his wickedness, and would as soon think of receiving a murderer into my church, or into any sort of friendship, as a manstealer.”

Jacques Perreault

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 Re: Spurgeon on Slavery

Don't believe Scripture teaches that slavery is necessarily a bad thing amongst believers so I don't believe we should, as believers, be advocating for one side or another.

Many verses to back this up as well.

There is a bigger picture here than slavery itself

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In the Bible, there are several different types of slavery that are not condemned, but there is one that is and that's chattle-slavery, or manstealing. A man who was guilty of stealing someone for the purpose of selling them into slavery was to be put to death. The British and America slave-trade practiced this kind of slavery. I believe that's why Spurgeon's words were so harsh.

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I understand. And thank you for informing me of this type of man-stealing that was going on. I did some research on it.

I like to challenge and be challenged in the Word of God. It's healthy if gone about the right way.

It seems that the bigger point I am trying to make is that we should be pointing to Christ and preaching the undiluted Gospel to lost souls, rather than being involved in the affairs of this life / civilian affairs, as Scripture advises not to do.

Christ never gave the answers to the questions folks asked regarding worldly matters during His life here. The poor and widows were the ones we are to look after.

If you were a slave, any kind, you were supposed to be as Paul was, trying to win souls (he even reached Caesar's household). Of course he was innocent, and he was justifying his case, but the bigger picture there was: making the most of his time being incarcerated.

I get where the post is coming from and I agree that God hates it and so do I... But vengeance is Mine He says!
I feel sorry that they could be in eternal fire forever and my mind is thinking of their soul rather than the issue itself that so many were up and arms about.

I hope this clears it up a bit. I know that I have so much to learn and grow up in the Lord...and He is working on me as a working progress all thanks to our Father in Heaven.

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