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I had a thought that perhaps as Christians we should focus on winning the woman to Christ who is contemplating abortion.Since its not the born again that is having the procedure. We have resorted to shouting at people as they go to abortion clinics and listen we have seen some positive results in that effort but I wonder if murder is still in their heart what's stops them from getting pregnant again and having that one aborted?

 2021/11/10 9:02

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 Re: Abortion

The root issue is immorality and the pleasures of sin. Abortion is dealing with the natural consequences of this in many cases. The greatest need always is the preaching and sharing of the Gospel in word and deed to all of humanity.

When the fear of God is gone from society men and women become emboldened and calloused in their sinful behaviours and great evils ensue.

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 Re: Abortion

This brother has stood out the front of abortion clinics for decades. I think he has the right approach.


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Powerful video

The sad news is Abortion will never end no matter how many clinics stop performing them, no matter how many laws we advocate. Pro-lifers must understand this. Mosaic law was filled a lot of donts but people sin anyway. When we preach against sin (all sin not just murder) as we are led by the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit will do the work and convict all sinners not just the ones who commit abortion.

 2021/11/10 19:26

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Yes and unfortunately the use of the “products” harvested from these abortions has themselves been industrialized, meaning there are industries that depend on the pieces and parts of aborted fetuses to conduct business. Caution, be prepared if you seriously research this as it will inevitably be shocking and troubling.

Ultimately the phenomenon of abortion and our seeming infatuation with it is itself a symptom of pregnancy outside of marriage... it is exceedingly rare to have a married woman seek an abortion unless there was sin/adultery involved. Yet in pregnancy produced by fornication, it is quite common -
That then, unwed pregnancy, is the real problem and is itself a breakdown of the moral fabric of society which in my observation/research is the result of a weakened church from a watered down gospel-


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 Re: Abortion

JFW, I got feeling there is a book in you about this subject. Wow what a powerful word!!!. I wonder if the church will receive a message like that without persecuting you?
I feel like we as a church have presented God an agenda that he has not endorsed. We are essentially going to a secular system and asking it to change laws that would not matter if Roe vs Wade is overturned, We already have a law that says THOU SHALT NOT KILL. If you ask me evangelicals is trying to one up God law which in itself is a sin. When Nebuchadnezzar tried to one up God law he ended getting embarrassed by a fiery furnace that would not burn the ones who broke his law.

 2021/11/11 15:51

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God told Saul to kill infants!! In my own limited thinking if I was writing the bible I would have chosen to leave that out. Its hard to rationalize that statement with a loving God. Eventhough that is in the bible in what case should that ever be mentioned? We read it but doesnt something in you say, yea but dont say that out loud. Would God desire for us to meditate on such a scripture to draw some divine principle? Couple that with the fact that the word says all scripture is given by inspiration of God.
What if we could elect a committee of the most intelligent Christians in the world and say to them take out all the scriptures in the bible that does not make sense to us, wouldn't 1 Samuel 15 be one of them? If we were to do such a blasphemous thing I wonder what would be the impact?

Part of my mediation included the notion that God in his divine wisdom chose to save ME. In some ways this doesn't make sense to me. What makes me so special that he would save me and give me a right to heaven. I know the thoughts that go through my head sometimes and brothers and sisters they are not all good. God says to me yea , but I know my thoughts towards you and they are thoughts of peace to bring you to a better end. These things are far to wonderful for me to completely know but I revel in the fact that his word says it. We don't have to know all the answers about certain scriptures but we should be certain in knowing that under, around, above us is Grace and goodness and mercy is in pursuit. Glory to his name. .

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