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 Recommendation for daily Bible reading family/couple...

As believers, we love to read and study God's Word. However, many people do this in very different ways.

Some read the Bible like a book. Others follow a guide for reading the Bible through in a year. Still others read the Bible based upon topics. Many actually read it "piece by piece" as they study the Bible on their own (eventually accumulating a study of the entire Bible).

However, I was surprised to have met some people who have been believers for years who had never read the entire Bible. In fact, I've met a few people who have been Christians for decades who had never read the Bible through. So, I'd love to offer a wonderful suggestion that has worked for my wife and me.

Some time back, my wife and I began morning Bible readings. After we woke up and before we began our days, we started reading the Word of God out loud.

We started with the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, John and then Luke and Acts [since Luke wrote both Luke and Acts]). After this, we went through the Old Testament from Genesis through Malachi. Once finished with the Old Testament, we went back through the Gospels and onward through the rest of the New Testament.

We begin with the Gospels (and Acts) because these are foundations of the "Good News" of Christ Jesus. We then go into the Old Testament -- starting with Genesis -- to reinforce our understanding of the Law and the Prophets (which is later cited/quoted in the Epistles).

After each day's reading, we would pray together as we would normally do.

That initial experience was wonderful. It didn't replace reading the Bible on our own as time went on. However, it provided a focus for both of us as we read the same chapters each day. It really helped make us of "one mind" as we both read and paused over each section of Scripture.

In our case, I do the actual reading and she follows along. We read EVERY word. She keeps a notebook for each day's reading (and includes general themes that she gathered from it).

For each journey through the Bible, we use that same version. With each journey, we have read the NASB, NIV and KJV through. We've actually ordered some Bibles from online stores to help. I have a tablet nearby to access the BlueLetterBible (for the Hebrew/Greek) as well as an exhaustive Bible dictionary to help with names, places, maps, and other things referenced in the Scripture.

This has been a wonderful experience! It doesn't take nearly as long as people think. We only read as long as we are comfortable (each morning) and have plenty of discussions throughout each reading. We sometimes pause over a topic of discussion before continuing through the rest of a chapter or section.

In addition to our reading, we often listen to teachings over those passages/books by certain chapter-by-chapter and book-by-book Bible teachers (e.g., Chuck Smith, J. Vernon McGee, audio of Matthew Henry, Skip Heitzig, etc.).

If you're considering a journey through God's Word, let me encourage you to do it! This is a fantastic method of studying as a couple/family. Personally, I feel that it helps to read through the Bible cover-to-cover AS A COUPLE/FAMILY. We've recently begun yet another journey through the Bible (reading aloud) and it is the highlight of our days!


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 Re: Recommendation for daily Bible reading family/couple...

My wife and I read through the Bible every year but don’t read it together for various reasons. We both read the same devotional and reading plan every day, and we do have a lot of discussion about the readings. Very often we want to discuss the same passage which is pretty interesting. We have different takes on different things which is perfectly fine, although generally I am correct😇

I too would encourage reading through the Bible every year. There are some tough parts that you’d rather skip but you just keep going. Some books have grown on me over the years; Job is a good example.


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