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 Communism vs Christ - 15 Million Bibles in the Dragon's Den

Quote:"It would be a great mistake to regard Communism merely as a political system. Communism is not only a religion, but it is also a dynamic missionary movement aspiring to the conquest of the whole world ....
Communism attempts to provide a substitute not only for Christian doctrine and experience but also for many of the methods and activities used in the church. Indeed, Communists have often adapted Christian methods and have proved themselves to be more thorough and efficient in using them than the Christians from whom they were borrowed." - David Adeney, Missionary to China and Author.
In our last newsletter we examined the roots of the Communist Party in China, and how it was established on a foundation of atheism and evolutionism. The result of that demonic belief system has been a century of death and destruction for countless millions of people; yet the Living God has mocked His enemies by sending the greatest revival in the history of Christianity, with over 100 million people in China now identifying themselves as followers of Jesus Christ.

In the 1940s, when it was clear that the Communists were surging to power across China, some spiritually dull missionaries and Chinese pastors told believers not to worry, for the Communists were good for the country and would usher in a new era of religious freedom!

Many other leaders of the Body of Christ, however, did all they could to strengthen God's children for the long struggle ahead. One insightful man of God was Andrew Gih, who warned Christians of the horrors of Communism in his book "The Church Behind the Bamboo Curtain". Gih explained how Communism can only exist by brute force and by instilling fear, and he contrasted the stark differences between Communism and Christianity

With a form of Communism rising in many Western nations today, Christians would do well to take heed of Andrew Gih's warnings. He wrote the following observations and comparison between Communism and Christianity:

"Since they have to maintain large standing armies, concentration camps are a necessity-politically to silence the opposition by taking people away after midnight, sending them to concentration camps, so their families do not hear from them. They arrest so many that they instill fear into the minds of the people, so there is no opposition or rebellion.

Communist countries are not for commerce or trade. Their aim is always political. ... Communism is against human nature. It cannot stay in power except by brute force. So, in Communist countries the people not only have no freedom, but they constantly live in fear."

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