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 The Stuttgart Declaration of guilt by Evangelicals by Edgar Reich

After Hitler, the Stuttgart Declaration of guilt by Evangelicals states in part:

"Through us infinite wrong was brought over many peoples and countries. That which we often testified to in our communities, we express now in the name of the whole church: We did fight for long years in the name of Jesus Christ against the mentality that found its awful expression in the National Socialist regime of violence; but we accuse ourselves for not standing to our beliefs more courageously, for not praying more faithfully, for not believing more joyously, and for not loving more ardently."

When Hitler demanded the Swastika to be put into the German Churches, there were 14 000 Evangelical Pastors. 13 200 Pastors compromised. 800 Pastors stood for God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. The 800 suffered in jail, some in concentration camps and some in death. Yet, their rewards in heaven are very great for eternity and they received a martyrs' crown.

God has provided strength through His Holy Spirit for the Martyrs throughout the ages. He will provide for us His Holy Spirit in the hour of need.

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