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 The inheritance

What's taking place in the world is the completion of the parable Jesus gave in Matt 21:32-46 about the vineyard. The owners son, the heir, has been killed and they want to seize his inheritance.

It's all about the inheritance. The little country south of Lebanon is in the process of seizing the inheritance of Jesus as the parable says.
Slowly taking control of area not theirs and desiring to get rid of Christians. Working together with their secret fraternal organization they have created these so called Noahide laws for the gentiles. Law #1 forbids christianity in subsection 1.
Listened to Rabbi Sneerson in many youtube videos and he speaks of making slaves of the goyim, and having them as servants while they themselves are as gods, and a better race. Naturally they are exempt. The ones Jesus was to inherit are being turned into slaves.

Now you know why the world is moving in the direction it is. Soon the international capital will be in Jerusalem. The gentile nations gold has been exchanged for paper and all is being made ready for the new Luceferian kingdom; the New World Order. They think they will possess the heirs inheritance. However they have walked into a big trap.

Jesus inheritance is mentioned in Psalms 2. Seems like it's similar to the last ones invited to his wedding feast, "Go into the highways and byways, get the downcast, and the outcast as the ones invited didn't want him to rule over them. .

Now you know: the inheritance is being seized.

James R Barnes

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 Re: The inheritance

Another excellent teacher of things to come is John Harrigan. He lives and works in the Middle East with his family.

He wrote the book in 2019: The Gospel of Christ Crucified: A Theology of Suffering before Glory; available on amazon or kindle or through the Worthy of every Christian's bookshelf.

Take heart, James, they may seize the inheritance for a while but Jesus is returning and TAKING it back and every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord to the glory of God the Father! And THIS will last for eternity!

God bless,


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You are speaking of Israel, right? Then say so.
Israel is still God's chosen people and the Holy Land God's chosen land and Jerusalem his chosen city, though they are in ignorance and rebellion against Him. Be careful to spread such things, this borders on anti-semitism. The Jews will go through a great tribulation to the end that many will turn to their saviour.
Paul set the example: As an ex-Pharisee he was persecuted by his fellow countrymen, he refuted their false doctrine and evil ways but maintained a deep love for them, to the extend that he would trade in his own salvation for their sake if it were possible.
We as the adopted children should have the same attitude and pray and long for the natural children to be re-grafted in.

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