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Discussion Forum : Revivals And Church History : How are you preparing for revival?

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 How are you preparing for revival?

I have had some folks ask me these questions lately and I thought it would be beneficial to see what others were thinking on this subject. Maybe we are all thinking alike but there could be disciplines overlooked and perhaps we will help one another on this journey.

I looked back and I do not see this subject as such discussed in the last year or so at least in the subject headings in this forum so...

What are you doing in your personal life to prepare for revival? If the Lord should choose to bless you with this renewing what things are necessary to maintain the "new normal" and prevent apathy and lukewarmness from re entering your spiritual life?

Secondly, If this is a burden your church has as a body what are you doing as the body to prepare for this move of the Lord and does the church have a plan for maintaining the fire after it is kindled, again, to prevent coldness from setting in?

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Joined: 2018/12/12
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 Re: How are you preparing for revival?

For myself I have established several disciplines that the Scriptures declare are necessaey to know the Lord and to walk in His way.
1. Be sure of my salvation. The lost can't be revived they must be reborn. I have examined myself to see if I am in the faith and must be diligent to make my calling and election sure.
2. Prayer. Jesus often prayed through the night and we see Him praying fervently with great urgency out of love for man and submitting Himself to the will of the Father to the glory of God. Can I do less?
3. The Word. I want to read it for knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. By it I am convicted, corrected, cleansed, and comforted. I want it hidden in my heart that I might not sin against God.
4. Purity. By the above I want to be holy in spirit, soul, and body. Not just declared holy and set apart for heavens purposes but to live daily as a vessel cleansed and ready for the Master's use in any way He sees fit. I want to be conformed in His image. Anything less is unfitting for a child of God.
5. Fellowship. We sharpen one another and hold one another accountable in the Lord. If we all will seek the first 4 points we will be walking in the light and we will have fellowship with one another.
6. I seek godly wisdom from those who have experienced true revival. Sermonindex plays a large part in this with sermons and testimonys from saints long departed. While there is no template for revival, and there should not be, there are principles we can glean and by faith experience the same blessings they did.

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Why would someone or a church drifted into such a backslidden callous, or moribund state. What went wrong.

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That is a good question passerby. I don't see any one thing to explain it. I know we are not in a unique situation
Richard Baxter spoke of the coldness of Kiddiminster in his day. Jonathan Edwards saw the declension in his. Whales was full of religious formality before the Lord visited those islands as well.
Perhaps it is lack of discipleship and people just don't know better. How could they if they are not taught to love the Word and prayer and by these know the Lord? This is where the priests and ministers should come and weep before the porch and the altar. Confessing their own culpability in this.
It may be carnality that is not confronted that particular persons fellowship or it may be the misunderstood teaching of "liberty" that people feel give them license to follow their own hearts rather than seek the will of God.
This is why I listed the things I did because without knowing specifics to the problem or judging the hearts of the backslidden (i only know my own failures) I want to apply and give the remedy to any issues and I think these are found in those disciplines mentioned. Only these things guided by the Spirit can restore us to walking in the light and pleasing God.

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