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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : be not deceived.

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 be not deceived.

Please listen to Dr Mike Yeadon of Pfizer, Dr Peter Mcullough, Dr Kobu Haviv esp.. Prof Christian Perrone, Dr Charles Hoff, Sir Christopher Chope, Geert Vanden Bosshe, Dr Charles ward.

They are all saying from experience this vaccine is harmful, or that we are being mislead, intentionally or otherwise.

Its so important in this age of censorship to listen to alternative voices and not just the main stream narrative and do not be deterred by people who falsely misrepresent these courageous Drs as anti vaxers, or right wing conspiracy nuts,or false claims of misinformation or claims the platforms they speak on are hate speech. Its a very clever way to try to soft censor and even deplatform speakers of truth.

A serious situation warrants a second opinion.

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I'm right here!

 Re: be not deceived.

Most likely we are witnessing the start of mass genocide

Somewhere in end times teachings, the Word of God says I think it's 1/3 of the earth's population will die in the end times.

That would go right along with the love mutha earth crowd who has been saying the earth needs to be depopulated down to 500 million people.

We will know for sure in the next 2 to 3 years in the vax causes auto immune disease making your immune system to become none functional causing you to croak.

This is what some of the world's top scientists are saying is going to happen

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Hemel Hempstead


It was denny kesington who said that the greatest deception is self deception
It is so sad to see the rise of the spike protein caused by the vaccine as it takes away your t2 cells

Dominic Shiells

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 Re: be not deceived.

The Gospel and anyone who bears witness of it has always been, and always will be censored. As it was before, so shall it be again... and this until Christ Jesus makes His return with the heavens rolled up as a scroll and all things being moved from their places as they acclimate to His heralding and with His appearing we will all feel the weight of His glory as we bow before the King of Creation wether in shame or adoration.

Our enemy has not but to do as he will, which makes his machinations somewhat predictable considering his tool box, not to understate it’s obvious effectiveness, tho we have been well equipped to meet the occasion. We (who see) have a very unique opportunity to snatch many from the fire and if we are being led by the spirit this will happen by His work and our cooperation.

The thing about deception is... if you’re deceived, you don’t know it 🤷🏽‍♂️

[ Do all that you do without arguing or complaining, that you may be pure and blameless children of God, shining like stars in the universe as you hold out the words of life to a depraved and crooked generation. So that on that day I may boast of you, not having run and labored in vain. ]

Winkie Pratney had an interesting teaching on deception years ago where he performed a kind of dissection of the different aspects and forms of deception.
Paris Reidhead also has a classic on the implements and governing principalities of the enemy that is quite fitting for this age.

In any case, these are the days so many have longed to see and yet as you all have stated, most don’t know.... so we can co-labor with Christ to share the gospel of His eternal, indestructible life which we are partakers of by faith and they can too 🙏🏻😇


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