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 "who hold the TRUTH in UNRIGHTEOUSNESS"

Rom 1:18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;

STOP!!!! Just STOP what you are doing, wherever you are skimming along page to page. YOU DARE NOT GO ANOTHER WORD FARTHER without allowing what is written in Romans 1:18 to minister TRUTH to you!!!!!

The WRATH of YEHOVAH is REVEALED. We have only peeked inside, as what is now leaking out on man. Tribulation is for correction. WRATH IS WHAT HAPPENS, when mercy and grace bought by the BLOOD of the LAMB ARE REJECTED. The world has gone completely insane at rejecting HIM and HIS SALVATION.
So our text here is taking aim on mankind. ESPECIALLY, "against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men".
Now you have eyes and ears as do I. In all fairness, have you seen any "ungodliness and/or unrighteousness of men", in your environment where you live? I have too. Who hasn't? To me it's like looking down into the bottom of an outdoor toilet, saturated with MAGGOTS. Each in more and more competition for their next bite of unrighteousness and filth. Writhing and rolling in their personal greed. Disgusting? I hope so. But not as disgusting as mankind in this hour.

The maggots have a much needed purpose, we know. They rid us of all that which has no value or use to us. The filth.
That which is totally disgusting. When this gastly revolting activity has nothing left to consume and destroy, the whole process dies, except more dung is added to keep the process in motion. Man is well equipped and engaged in adding dung to the process.

So, we have HIS WRATH poised and ready to shake the earth to it's very foundation.

As we would find an outdoor toilet and it's activity disgusting and revolting, how much more our CREATOR as HE gazes upon what we as men have done to HIS creation and DIVINE ORDER and TRUTH?

So back to our text. For the final point needs to be illuminated and understood. Question? Where is the focus of all who hold ungodliness and unrighteousness of men? What is the focal point of the worst of the worst. Of all that is EVIL in this world, what tops the list? What are HIS eyes continually riveted upon, as UNGODLY and UNRIGHTEOUS?
"ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;"
Isn't that what man calls "church"? "WE HOLD THE TRUTH" they cry with glee and carefully staged entertainment." Amen. No argument there. But you hold it in unrighteousness! And YEHOVAH hates it as much as you would have the bottom of the outdoor toilet. If you dropped your bible in an active outdoor toilet, the TRUTH would still be printed on it's pages. But your chances of presenting it as something desired to another human being and expecting interest from them, is swallowed up in despair.

Folks, this is the CHURCH today, through and through. Wallowing in the greed of consuming one another. HIS body is the residence of all that is TRUTH in HIM. HIS Body holds TRUTH in RIGHTEOUSNESS. Thing is, "church" is not HIS body. Yet millions this very day, will visit one of these emporiums of filth and deception, and dive right in. Worse, they will add their own unrighteousness to the mix, and be praised for it.

It is an abomination to YEHOVAH, so much that HIS wrath is focused there. Does it bother you that "church" (pick one, pick all) is not an abomination to YOU? That's terrifying to me.

HIS mercy and grace are reaching down in pity, to you right now, BEFORE the WRATH IS UNLEASHED. Will you accept HIS offer to redeem you from all the filth called "church". Will you come out from among them, and be separate? Holy? Pleasing unto GOD? Or will you spend yet one more SUNDAY in in the stronghold of TRUTH that has made itself an abomination by it's grip on and love for UNRIGHTEOUSNESS?

Lahry Sibley

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