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 Looking for a preacher's name...

Hello Everyone-
I am wondering if anyone is able to help me recall a specific preacher from bygone days that I can not seem to identify.
His testimony as I can recall it was that he pastored a large presbyterian church in Toronto (or some Canadian city) and on a whim left that prestigious pulpit confident another church would be eager to hire him. But no church seemed interested. The Lord took him lower and lower to the point he was willing to pastor a storefront church. But none would have him. He eventually volunteered to hand out bulletins at a meeting but even the head usher took his job away. And the change came from the song leader identified a hymn as his and there came a renewed interest in him.
I haven't heard the story for about 20 years, and I thought all this time it was Oswald J Smith, but low and behold that is not Smith's testimony.
If anyone knows who fits with this testimony, I would greatly appreciate knowing as I am trying to find the resource (audio or written) that tells of this account.
Thank you so much!
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 Re: Looking for a preacher's name...

I would be interested too know this speaker also as I was raised in Toronto. My first thought was Oswald J. Smith.

Jonathan Goforth was a missionary from Toronto in the presbyterian church but I do not believe it was him.

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 Re: Looking for a preacher's name...

Dear Brother Adam,

I also heard the sermon but was unable to recollect. I had to listen again to be sure. It would not have been a easy one to find out but your mention of Oswald J.smith helped me. The preacher was Oswald J. Smith. Listen from 55:00 onwards for the story you are looking for.
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Brother Kiran, you found it!!

I listened to a half dozen "testimony" style sermons by Oswald J Smith but didn't come across any reference to what I thought he said before. So I assumed it wasn't him after all. So I knew if someone in the Sermonindex community didn't know where to find it then I was sunk.
I'm going to be thinking of you as the new J Edwin Orr with his encyclopedic knowledge of church revival and ministers.

I am sending it to a pastor friend who is seeing various doors closing without others opening up. I am hoping it will encourage his faith in God's purposes.

Thank you so much!!

In Him

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