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Discussion Forum : General Topics : The days we are living in now - compared with Scripture

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This world is not my home anymore.

 Re: The days we are living in now - compared with Scripture

how can I compare our times with Scripture ?
Matthew 24

Have we gone wrong somewhere?
- There is no one to blame. This is happening! Buckle up buttercup!! (Couldn't resist! Weird sense of humor!!) He who endures until the end shall be saved. We are to endure.

What should we learn ?
- Less of me, more of Jesus.

What does the future hold ?
- Who knows? But we will grow in Holy Spirit or be left behind (Haha Truly no pun intended to that waste of paper series)

We are on the brink of the most exciting time EVER! I can only hope I'm alive to go through it and see it!! If not, my epitaph will say, "Excitedly waiting for the trumpet sound" but I honestly think we'll be here when He returns for His own!!

God bless us all!!!


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