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Discussion Forum : General Topics : What is spiritual warfare?

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 Re: What is spiritual warfare?

brother Paul,
Those are all profitable responses from mature brothers, my prayer is that they provide more light and that we all benefit from one another’s experience🙏🏻

4 No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.
5 And if a man also strive for masteries, yet is he not crowned, except he strive lawfully.

So first off we have to purify our own hearts, preparing ourselves for service. Holy Spirit is who enlists is and He is our commanding officer, He is the one whom we seek to please -
If our hearts are still entangled in the world then our ability will be impaired or even disabled, due to being drawn away by the cares and concerns of this world. This makes us less likely to labor in prayer or even be likely to pray due to our being distracted.

When we do battle in the spirit it’s not against the person but against the lies that shackle them. When we’re worldly minded we tend to be self-focused and again, less likely to engage the enemy.

There are many other ways in which spiritual warfare takes place...
A good example is King Asa “taking down the high places” of idols.
God tends to bless this type of faith favorably.
So in a persons home for example, if there are idols that occupy the “high place” then the act of removing it from its place of prominence and influence would absolutely draw a response from the enemy and so would be a form of warfare. The same goes for a business or organization or team, etc...

Another example is information... the devil is the father of lies and wages war thru disinformation campaigns, which we pull down the strongholds created by a network of lies. The “pulling down” is in prayer and in teaching/preaching the truth to that person or group. By exposing that lie in the light of truth, ie; Gods presence in us.

In order to battle effectively we have to boldly come before the throne that we might obtain, so that we have something to give in the right time, like when Peter and John went to pray (Acts 3), note; Peter said “silver and gold have I none, but (((such as I have))) give I thee”. Which is to say that he, Peter, had not sown into the world and reaping the worlds treasures offering them as alms which only serves to strengthen the lie that bound this man... rather he, Peter, had sown into the kingdom and reaping the treasures of heaven, he offered out of his harvest a thing which was outside the jurisdiction of the influencing lie. The acceptance of which, freed the man from the bondage of his own lame body. Not only this but the whole chapter is a treaty on spiritual warfare- and to be honest the entire Bible is both a record of and equipping for spiritual warfare if we have eyes to see it as such.

Wether Moses, Daniel, Elijah, David, Esther, or any other story especially the prophets... they are all battling against wickedness in high places and so are soldiers in a spiritual war. To see the spiritual war as not separate from our ordinary life but inevitable, even essential to our life in Christ, seems to be a chief aim of the conforming to and abiding in Christ. Which is to say that we, being in the world are to receive, preserve, and present one who is greater than the world to the world - this too is spiritual warfare.

In a way, it’s as simple as turning the porch light on... those in darkness will naturally be drawn but not all are coming for the comfort so we have to armor up so in bearing the light of Christ, having done all else, are able to stand.

Ultimately we’re all in the war... wether hot or cold or lukewarm -


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These are all helpful posts.

It is also important to know what we are dealing with. The flesh must be crucified, a demon must be cast out, and chastisement must be received as from a loving Heavenly Father.

We can’t cast out the flesh or crucify a demon, and we should not resist correction from God.


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I am sure you heard of Gbile Akanni from your own country



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 Re: What is spiritual warfare?

The late William Carrol taught an outstanding series on this topic;

In Christ

Ron Halverson

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