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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : Rose Warmer Brought The Word of God in Auschwitz

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 Rose Warmer Brought The Word of God in Auschwitz

“Before the start of the Holocaust, Jewish born Rose Warmer found her Messiah. When her people were being deported, she longed to go with them. She handed herself in, was transported to Auschwitz and brought the people there the Word of God.

Rose was born in a well-to-do Jewish family in Hungary. She studied art, music and dance and led a wandering artist’s life in Vienna and Budapest. In the 1930s when Nazism was rising, anti-Semitism too was growing day by day. Jews were being forced to wear the yellow star and were thrown out of professional jobs to work as cleaners and garbage collectors in the streets.

It came as an enormous shock when the report came that Rose’s brother had been deported to a concentration camp. Although the family barely understood what a concentration camp was, they had heard terrible rumours. Rose’s aging father couldn’t endure the increasing pressure and he died of a heart attack. His sudden death was a traumatic experience for Rose. On the advice of her husband she turned to spiritualism in a search for reassurance about the afterlife, but instead of finding peace her mind became tormented by evil spirits. If these problems were not bad enough, she was humiliated by her husband who was openly unfaithful to her.

Still mourning for her father, Rose looked for hope and comfort in her Jewish Bible. Over and over again she devoured the book of Job, then the Psalms, but she could not make head nor tail of it. She longed to meet someone who could talk to her about the meaning of the Bible. When she learned about a church nearby with weekly Bible studies, she went there and was instantly gripped by the message of the American missionary. He was speaking about the Jewish Messiah! Wasn’t this meant to be a Christian meeting? Here, the speaker was telling her about the Messiah of the Jews! He explained prophecy after prophecy from the Old Testament, each of them fulfilled in the life of Jesus of Nazareth. . . “

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 Re: Rose Warmer Brought The Word of God in Auschwitz

Very powerful, thank you for sharing !

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