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Discussion Forum : Devotional Thoughts : The adrenaline of ministry (and maintaining your private life with God)

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 Re: The adrenaline of ministry (and maintaining your private life with God)

In regard to the original post, the excerpt below from Leonard Ravenhill would be another way of expressing it....

“I believe I could line the altar, indeed I've seen the altar lined with hundreds, night after night in mass meetings, and yet I believe, at the end of the day, Jesus Christ could say to me,

"Thou gavest Me no kiss."


Because I was so busy serving Him, I forgot to worship Him.

...And I say again, I like what Wesley said, "Let me kiss Thy bleeding feet and bathe and wash them with my tears."

When did you last seize Him by His feet and say,
"Master, I can't go another inch without meeting You this morning."

Dr. Tozer told me as a mature man in his sixties that there where times when he lay on the rug for an hour, two hours, three hours, four hours and never uttered a word of prayer, and never uttered a word of praise. He said, "I'm lost in adoration, I see Him in His glory, in His majesty, in His beauty. I can hear those holy beings crying, 'Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord.'"

And he said, "I'm silent in adoration before Him. I had no language, it is beggered." And he had a vocabulary as good as any man I know, and he had read more of the mystics, I think, than any man I know, and he had some of the closest encounters to God of any man I know.

....And I try to do this: I try to say at the end of the day, “Lord, it's not what I preached over TV, or radio, to millions. Or two, or three,
or one person I visited who was sick...But, Lord, did I kiss You today?

Or did You look down and say,
'Son, you were very busy, very active, you made some new friends, people
said you preached well, but listen son but

....thou Gavest Me No Kiss.'"

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