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 KJV only?

We see this argument continually here on FB and in pulpits. Really? Only?
They claim 410 years of refinement? For what reason. Men began "revising" the AV almost before the ink dried. And even the KJV writers used much of William Tyndale's work for the New Testament.
The revisions to the AV 1611 evolved for 150 years until Queen Mary declared the latest (and most profitable)"version" to be the official Bible of the Church of England. From then on, updates were few and far between. In the last 100 years, the pace has increased of the revised evolution of translations published. Why? Same reason that the KJV became official Bible. PROFIT began to became the interpreter. And so it is today.
So which translation(s) is the most accurate? The HOLY SPIRIT inspiration given to the original writer(s) in in their own language. So man pick and choose what is inspiring to him/her. Then they write a manuscript and share it with others. If this becomes profitable to the printers, and accepted, in whatever the language they know. The original official version becomes the the latest official version, deemed so by the popularity of the readers, rather than the HOLY SPIRIT. And so it is today. Interpretation is determined by what people like to read. Now days the publishers are in a bind because there are so many "official" versions available online at no cost that it is hard to make a profit. I'm told that there are over 1,800 "original manuscripts known to be in existence today. How can this be?
So again we must rely on the HOLY SPIRIT to confirm TRUTH.
I use the KJV primarily. When my cannot find peace about a text, I search for collaboration in the KJV first. If I still cannot find a peace that I understand, I search the AMPC and the like. I have found differences in all. When the HOLY SPIRIT gives me peace, then I rest it and go on.
So again, the official 100% original accurate text from it's original writer is. All changes since then are not 100% accurate. Selah

Lahry Sibley

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