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 Biden: Dragging the Military Into a New Era

6. Biden: Dragging the Military into a New Era - Family Research Council

At Nellis Air Force Base last week, pilots were gathered around a different kind of runway. That's because the southern Nevada post, home to one of the most advanced air combat programs in the service, made the controversial decision to host its first-ever drag queen show. To the amusement of America's enemies, some of our most skilled servicemen and women spent their Thursday night "discover[ing] the significance of drag in the LGBT+ community" at a base club -- a lesson sure to please their transgender activist-in-chief.

Welcome to the Biden military: you can't have a Bible on the table, but you can have heels in your footlocker. An Air Force veteran posted a picture of the digital flyer over the weekend, which read, "DRAG-U-NELLIS" and "CLASS IS IN SESSION" surrounded by pictures of Coco Montrese, Makena Knight, and Alexis Mateo. "I guess the airmen at Nellis have completely mastered air and ground combat, so they can relax with an event that has grown men in dresses twerking; very cool!" he tweeted.

Of course, the irony is that while the military defends drag queen acts on military installations, they aren't extending Christians troops the same tolerance. At least two active-duty service members -- Lt. Colonel Matthew Lohmeire and Chaplain Andrew Calvert -- have been fired or suspended in the last few weeks for daring to talk openly about the Pentagon's new policies. "My Republican colleagues and I hear regularly from active duty and retired service members that even holding conservative values is now enough to endanger a service member's military career," Rep. Mike Rogers (Ala.) told Politico. He and his GOP colleagues are racing to put together legislation that would combat the wave of targeting and censorship.

In the meantime, conservatives watch helplessly as the proud warfighting ethos that Donald Trump restored is replaced with a circus of LGBT activism. . . (Read more)

- Father, we once again ask You to guide us through this attack on conservative values and the outright support of perversion by this current administration! Help us stand strong in this time of persecution and not bow to the pressure of the media, nor bow to the values of the Biden administration that are against Your Word.

- "Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution." (2 Timothy 3:12)



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 Re: Biden: Dragging the Military Into a New Era

Oh for a king Josiah who would "break down the houses of the sodomites,..." 2 Kings 23:7

Nigel Holland

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