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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Jesus’s Unanswered Prayer?

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 Re: Jesus’s Unanswered Prayer?

Last week when I saw the thread's title I know what would be the question. When I came to Christ reading the Bible, this same question came to my mind as well.

This is what I believe is the answer, Jesus prayer is always answered but it is true only for real disciples of Jesus. I do not believe that everyone is a disciple. True disciples will always be united. Unity is primarily inside a local body of Christ. Even in a local Church only true disciples in that church will be united, rest will bite each other or accuse each other.

In the context of denominations, I believe all denominations started with right motives but they have gone astray as their godly leaders departed.

Also division does not mean lake of unity. Even in first Century, Paul and Barnabas could not work together after a division, does that mean they were not united in spirit? Paul and Peter could not work together when Paul opposed Peter in Galatian Church. Does that mean they lack unity?

I find the same with believers from denominational churches, I cannot work with them but I can still be united with them in spirit.


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 Re: Jesus’s Unanswered Prayer?

My thought on that text " they will all be one, just as your are in me, Father and I am in you." I think it comes down to the gospel message that unifies us. The gospel message unifies us not the Law that they held to. I don't think it referring to denominations, though some have differing believes, that aren't considered essential, but the foundation in most are the built on the cornerstone of the gospel.

If you think about it the disciples were bringing a message that was quite contrary to the belief system of their day. The messiah has come, many choose not to believe in that, they were really dismantling a system establish from for many years. What unified them is that they believed in the Gospel message and they preached that thoughout the nations.

Theres the visible and invisible church what unifies us us Jesus Christ was sent as the lamb of God to take away our sins. Thats what unifies us even within the denominations.

IMO denominations are helpful to many believers everyone has a certain style, preferecnce and certain non essential beliefs that they hold to. I don't think , bikers for christ or cowboy church are considered denominations, Think its a little odd, but to me its more of a group that chooses to meet a certain, however I think it isolates themselves from the community. I have to be a cowboy to go to the church? Verse true denominations, like baptist, pentecostal and so forth are more about doctrinal beliefs than a "club" style church.

Just my humble opinion.

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