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 Meeting Together - the Headship of Christ

Many moan about the deplorable state of the church. We cannot imagine that that the Lord at his return will have a pure, chaste and beautiful bride that he will take home to heaven.
The Lord always surprises us by turning hopeless situations into glorious breakthroughs.
He gathered Israel back from Exile, he died and rose again, he birthed the church out of a timid crowd in the upper room, he scattered Israel and gathered Israel again.

Will he not also revive his church? Will he not bring Israel to the Reception of Himself as the Messiah? Will not the glory of the latter house be greater than the former? Will Christ come back for something inferior than he birthed in Jerusalem 2000 years ago?

I found the series of talks on Church Life by Lance Lambert eye-opening. He talks about Go's sovereign work to bring his church in line with his own plan and purpose

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 Re: Meeting Together - the Headship of Christ

I like what you have posted. It rings true with me.

I think, my opinion of course, that part of what will bring the church to maturity before Christ comes again is the understanding that the church is going to be here for the duration of the age, and not make a early departure right when things get bad. God has a grander and more wisdom filled plan for the church than that I believe. Why raise up a pure and mighty church just to remove it when a increasingly desperate world and an increasingly desperate non believing Israel will most need the church and its message?

David Winter

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 Re: Meeting Together - the Headship of Christ

Thank you for posting this

Emmanuel Luka

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 Re: Meeting Together - the Headship of Christ

Brother, Thank you for posting
the message by Lance Lambert. Brother Lance was a godly man, a teacher, Intercessor, that has left us many rich teachings on the Headship of Christ, the Church, the Holy Spirit, and corporate prayer and intercession.


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