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Discussion Forum : Articles and Sermons : Your Sons and Daughters Shall Prophecy by Carter Conlon

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 Your Sons and Daughters Shall Prophecy by Carter Conlon

Cater is one of the rare preachers on sermon index that is expecting the great awakening, whats happened to the rest of them who are only preaching doom and gloom, what spirit are they preaching and speaking from, when they come against and condemn those who are waiting on the Lord and prophesying about the great move of God? Honest question here

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 Re: Your Sons and Daughters Shall Prophecy by Carter Conlon

Brother, If Jesus will usher in a great awakening and revival soon we can all cry “Glory, praise the Lord..”. If Jesus comes back soon to judge the nations, we can all cry “Glory, praise the Lord.” I just ask you to reconsider calling the latter doom and gloom.


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Brother, I call it for what it is, it's missing the heart of god and latching on to and groping for theology and esteeming denominations and pet doctrine, sitting on one's hands and waiting for this or that happen is not Christianity. Crying out “Glory, praise the Lord..”. now with fastings, till the glory manifests is. Those that hunger and thirst will be filled. The lukewarm are being spewed out of his mouth as we speak, the lampstands are being removed out of from their place, the cares of this world and trials are choking out the word of god, but there's hope to the ones who hear his voice and repent and seek His face, those who humble themselves under the mighty hand of God. A time of refreshing is coming from the presence of the lord. It's not all doom and gloom, judgment begins in the house of God and it has begun, but so does his blessings and it has begun. I won't reconsider brother, not at all. This is not the time for double-mindedness, nor to be unstable in our prayers, but it is the time to groan in spirit, its a time for the spirit of God to intercede through us it is the time for faith and expectation to rise up in the Ecclesia, it is the time to pour out our souls in prayer , and I wont apologise for saying that.

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