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 Magnify God

This is a transcript from a sermon jam from the old Fire on the Altar website called "Magnify God."
Say this:
"I'm not just a hearer, I'm a doer of the Word
Today the Word of God is going to change me.
It's going to change my outlook
It's going to change the atmospheres of my life
The negatives are going to become positives
The depressing is going to become joyful
Things are going to change in my life
Before I walk out of this door
In Jesus name."

You can't make God bigger than He is.
But when you begin to magnify Him, it enlarges Him to YOU.

See, you got to understand that too much of the world sees God as a small thing.
They see God as just a blur.
When you take a magnifying glass you have to focus it.
And that is what the Church is supposed to be.
We're supposed to magnify God. We're supposed to make Him BIG.

The rings around Saturn are there, but with the naked eye you can't see them. But if you put a telescope up you can see what was already there. We don't have to invent anything about Saturn-- it's like that.

I'm telling you that God is your Healer- you just can't see it.
I'm telling you God is your divorce Healer- you just can't see it.
I'm telling you God is your provider, but many people haven't had that aspect of God enlarged back to them.

Magnification is simply allowing God to show you something that was already pre-existent.

Sometimes we reverse the binoculars and instead of magnifying God, we shrink God.

Now I got a little illustration. Some people have picked up the binoculars of life and this is how they look at God. Not like this (through the right end) but like when I was a little boy and we looked through like this (through the wrong end).

And this is how people see God.

They're looking through the wrong end and they see Him distant and they see Him tiny.

He's out there on the brink of eternity somewhere, but He's no good for my problems right now.

And that's exactly what the Enemy wants you to think. He wants you to think that God is real and yeah, He's out there, but He's so tiny and my problems going on in my life are so huge.

And I want to tell you "please turn the binoculars around!"

Listen to me-- faith and fear are the same pair of binoculars. It just depends on which end you look out of.

365 times God says in the bible "Fear not." But you listen to the language of people and we talk fear and we talk anxiety and we talk depression and we talk defeat.

When was the last time you asked somebody “How you feeling?” and the said “I feel like I’m catching the flu.” Why don’t we say “Praise God, I’m catching my healing!?”

Turn the binoculars around!

If God is too small then turn the binoculars around. You’re looking through the eyes of fear instead of the eyes of faith. Stop shrinking God. Stop downsizing God.

When we magnify God, we shrink the problem.


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