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Discussion Forum : Revivals And Church History : Argentina revival of 1984

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 Argentina revival of 1984

During this morning's sermon, the preacher mentioned a revival that broke out in Argentina in 1984. I had never heard about it before. Leading up to it, Argentina and Britain had a showdown over the Falkland Islands. Argentina backed down when military forces showed up however. The government crumbled and the nation was in turmoil. Times were very dark in these days leading up to the revival. God brought forward an evangelist who had been a Christian for only four years. His name is Carlos Annacondia. Thousands came to Christ during the crusades and many miracles occurred and many were delivered from devils. But I just wanted to point out that when times are really dark, the fields are ripe for harvest and we need to pray for laborers to work the fields. If you would like to read more about the Argentina revival of 1984 you can follow this link:


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 Re: Argentina revival of 1984

Thank you for sharing Daniel on the amazing Argentine Revivals that have occurred for over a half a century.

There are several factors that stand out to me why God was able to use these revivals in a nation that was largely given up to idolatry and false religions.

1. Fervent prayer and intercession preceded the revivals.

2.The powers of darkness and demonic strongholds were confronted, and there were mass deliverances during the revival services.

3.,The gospel of Jesus Christ was preached in the power of the Holy Spirit which resulted in thousands of people being saved.

4. There was unity of the Spirit among the pastors, and they participated in the revivals, and the new converts were followed up on.

Signs, wonders, and miracles were commonplace


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