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 David wood on Ravi Zacharias

Disclaimer :- I am not a supporter of David Wood and his ministry. I have my concerns on his approach, but if this is the approach that God has asked him to do it then I am fine with it.

In this video David is making an important point which we can consider. Especially those in some serious ministry for the Lord.

He is saying that people who fight against something in their life like MLK who fought against the oppression of people of a particular race, all their will power is spent in that fight and when they are deprived of their will power, they are easily overcome by even a simple temptation. He says that Ravi too had some serious fights for his ministry that would have drained his will power and hence was defeated in sexual area like MLK.

I agree that this theory on Will power is very interesting and it also appears true. I was once involved in stress eating. I was stressed in my job and hence even a simple dessert knocked me off! My desire to keep my body pure from junk food was compromised!

But is Christian life a fight by will power? Or is it a fight by the power of God? Does not the scripture say that when I am weak I am strong in Christ (2 Cor 12:10)?


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