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 The Intercessor Rees Howells...

I'm new to here and have just started so just figuring out how this works, so bear with me.

I don't see very many people sharing my view on this book. I hope my view can be of some help to someone.

About a year ago I read the book The Intercessor. When I read it I was amazed. I loved it! Into the first or second chapter I asked God to renew me and gave him everything. I was sure that this would be an great new time in my life where God would use me to do amazing things.

It is definitely an interesting read and it is amazing the things God did through Rees, but I ended up burning the book...

I am a fairly young person and I have a lot to learn in my journey as a Christian. I think I took the book to seriously, and somehow I ended up listening to a false spirit, or maybe it was my own voice. What it was I'm still unsure but it was not God.

I found myself constantly searching for forgiveness and trying to avoid Gods wrath with the smallest things. I could not find peace and would cry very often.

Here are some examples of my experience:
- It was wrong to spend time with company by a campfire.
- For no reason I would be asked to fast for several days, at one point I was asked to fast 14 days no food or water.
- One night I was told to stay up all night reading and praying, until I had spiritual breakthrough.(which never came) I could not stop kneeling and praying for any reason. Even though I had to go to the washroom really bad(sounds funny but its what happened) and my legs and feet were so numb and practically vibrating from falling asleep.
- To be prepared for persecution I had to sleep on the cold floor without pillow or blanket.
- I thought that in order for one of my moms friends(who I never met) to be healed(she was starving to death) I would have to take her sickness. So I prayed and BEGGED God to give me her sickness. I said if its his will let me die instead...

I cannot say that God abandoned me in any way. He was there through it all. When I cried I could feel him holding me. I did learn a lot from this experience. God has a purpose for my pain.

Sounds wonderful on the outside, many people might say wow what boldness. That was not boldness that was the fear that if I didn't I would be condemned to hell and would lose God's Love. I was looking for love, understanding, and the holy spirit. I ended up, starving, tired, struggling to trust, and developed every symptom of Religious OCD.(I am doing much better now.) This book is dangerous and should not be read by people. If you are looking for a book to help further your faith read the Bible.

This book is founded on the Keswick movement. Here is a link I am reading if you would like to learn more:

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 Re: The Intercessor Rees Howells...

I’m not sure I should even comment here as while I own the book, I have not read the book. You are right - many people highly recommend it. I just wanted to say though that your experience was clearly not from the Lord. It was from the devil who hates us. I have seen so many attacks from the enemy in my own life and on the lives of others who I KNOW love the Lord with all their hearts. I have also seen and experienced that if he can’t get at you one way, he will change tactics and try to come in another way. Yes, read your Bible for we only know what is counterfeit by studying the real thing.

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 Re: The Intercessor Rees Howells...

Interesting thanks for sharing and welcome also.
I have read this book and found it very good and helpful. We all have different callings and gifts, I also felt inspired and encouraged by this story, however his calling isn't for everyone. I found nothing wrong with the book, however you are correct the bible is our best resource and measure for all other writings.
Are you saying your experiences were directly a result of this book?
I do hope and pray God's leading for you and trust He will guide and direct your path as He promises.


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Well this book in combination with where I was at in my faith. I think if someone didn't take the book to seriously and had a strong foundation it is a fine read.
The issue is if you look closely he pushes a lot of false teaching in it.
1. The Holy Spirit is portrayed as unloving, unforgiving, impatient and does not give room for testing the spirit.(Rees had a certain amount of time to decide if he was to take the calling, if he did not take it then he lost his chance, and remained a "normal Christian".
2.It is founded on the Keswick movement which says that as soon as you have had your "second saving" you should have no sin.
3. He was asked by the "Holy Spirit" to take the illness of a woman on himself. That is not biblical as when Jesus died on the cross he took our sin, and sickness onto the cross with him. God would never ask us to take a sickness, that is not love, he takes it onto himself. That was his promise to Abraham when he passed through the pieces.

I don't think God calls some people to a higher way of living in the spirit, and some people he doesn't. He calls us all equally. if he didn't do that he would be an unjust God.
Thank you for taking the time to reply. I hope you will think through this and pray about it.

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 Re: The Intercessor Rees Howells...

Dear SOL33,

It really touched my heart when I read this:


"I cannot say that God abandoned me in any way. He was there through it all. When I cried I could feel him holding me. I did learn a lot from this experience. God has a purpose for my pain."

It reminded me of years ago when I so desperately desired to exercise faith as a young zealous believer.

There were a few instances in particular where I believed I was acting in sincere faith, in response to the leading of the Spirit, but the results that I expected (and was believing for) did not come forth. It was humiliating, perplexing, and wrecked me pretty good at the time. I too wept. I blamed myself and was convinced that I simply lacked enough faith (or exact obedience) in those moments. But God was so close to me through it all.

While I have not read the Rees Howells book, I know people who have. It's good that you have grown in wisdom and discernment over time. Surely that will continue.

Thank you for sharing this portion of your testimony with all of us here.


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I appreciate your willingness to share your connection. Your reply is very kind and shows a lot of compassion. I imagine God has given you quite the gift for understanding others. God bless!

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