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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Relevant and hard hitting videos regarding the recent election and the modern prophetic movement

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Hi Docs,

I think ive explained myself very clearly to you.
I have not predicted anything but have explained my position based on three things but I will repeat it once more just for you.
1 Its not in line with what God has been doing in the 2016 elections and brexit
2 God has shown me things personally
3 It is clear as the blue sky in summertime that their is an AntiChrist Spirit behind this election which I dont believe at this juncture of history God is going to allow this Spirit to win this battle.

I have not apologized for my position unlike Johnson who clearly didnt hear from God,its very hard to make a mistake like that.I have no credibility issue as I viewed 6th the 20th and dec 14th as man made deadlines just as Jesus viewed Lazarus's death and Funeral as a man made deadline.

Their are only 3 credible postions for those that made prophesies
1 I am stepping down from my ministry because.....
2 I got the timeline wrong and but I still think Donald Trump will be the 46th president
3 I didnt go by the man made timeline at all and I am sticking to what I said all along .

Johnson doesnt fit into any of those categories and has lost his credibility
urs staff

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Hi Passerby,
The gospel is completely a wild idea itself but it turns out to be true.
The new testament never says to lie down and be buried by tyranny brought about through an AntiChrist spirit.
Their are times of great persecution and their are times like Billy Graham had where their relatively no persecution.Living through trying times doesnt mean stop telling the truth,never does it say that,
urs staff

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Just what has been God been doing with the 2016 election and Brexit?

Also, what has God told you, personally?



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You are asking why people will look at these videos.

Some of us are very much aware of what will likely happen if the pro-death politicians win this recent election. But we do not want it to happen. I am very much aware how communists took over Russia and other countries. I have read Richard Wurmbrand's books and newsletter; Corrie ten Boom wrote about the atrocities inflicted upon Europe so one looks to see if our fears are justified or not but still sense they have good reason to exist. I, for one, believed that if these prophets are false it will not happen as they said it would which on one hand does not surprise me.

We are living in trying times. False prophets/teachers are being exposed everywhere. How we handle gov mandates as a brotherhood is a harbinger of things to come, I think. Will we be united or divided?

Mothers with young children are very concerned....and I feel for them. I told one young mom that all she can do is to teach her children how to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit...and this applies to all Believers.


Sandra Miller

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not you staff, it is much wilder than i have read here at si. yes we must not belittle what God can do, as those proud empires and nations did.

our enemy is a roaring lion.

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Having read the comments on JJ and the disagreement on who we should be giving heed to, it would be wisdom first of all to take the Word of God as our main source of guidance. The Holy Spirit has come to lead us into all truth, so we should have such an abiding fellowship with the Lord Jesus that we are listening to what He is saying.

The ministry of the prophet is a valid ministry, and has been given to build up the Church, so believers should do the work of the ministry.

Every true prophet will say only what He hears the Lord saying.

The prophetic gift will bring edification, exhortation, and comfort, but also there will be clear warnings to the Church, and there will also be prophetic words of those things that grieve the Spirit of God. I will not give much attention to a so called prophet that speak only pleasant words.

Staff, All Christians that live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. Jesus said that a servant would be as His master. “If they have persecuted me, they will persecute you.” There is much persecution all over the world. Why do most Christians in America think that we are exempt?


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Hi Havok,
The 2016 and brexit God is heading in the direction opposite of globalism and one world government until he has achieved what he wants to achieve.I wont linger on this as the second bit is long.

I had a serious of dreams which I am definitely saying are from the Lord to be clear.Ive had many dreams from God over the years.
.After the election I saw Joe Biden going through the doors of the white house which I believe are the doors from the Rose Garden.He got to the threshold and went in and I said to myself in the dream "thats it then maybe he does get in"
I have to be honest its the last thing I wanted to hear.
In the next dream I was looking at a political chamber which I think is the congress after looking at the pictures.Prof Helmut Norpoth from the Primary model who is a Pollster and predicted Trump to win walked in and took authority over the politicians in it.They shouted and roared at him but it was clear he was had authority and he just smiled.In the dream I said "thats Norpoth hes from the primary model but he cant be in charge because hes just a pollister so it must be someone like Norpoth".I learned a few days after that Christopher Miller the acting secretary of defence look very similar but thats just my opinion..
I then heard a voice say "whats sauce for the goose,is sauce for the gander"
I had a serious of dreams about these dates in or around the 20th november. These dates are 13/2 14/3 and 15/4.The first dream about the 13 of feb was so faint ,so dim I woke up and said did I just have a dream about the 13/2.
I waited for the 20 days or so to see what was going to happen on the 13th and low and behold the impeachment vote happened and Trump was acquited.
The 15th of April is my birthday but in the dream it was my mothers birthday.This is the only dream where I think I have an intrepretation.Mother or The pastors wife in a dream from God usually means "THE Church".So the Churches Birthday is on the 15th of April is the meaning.Whether thats my local Church or something bigger I dont know.Funnily enough the Pastors wife's real birthday is actually the 15th of april as well.
This evening I fell fast asleep and dreamed the following which is very pictorial and hard to explain.
I saw a round coffee Tin and the lid was off,it was full of dark granular coffee.I saw what looked like a piece of hard paper or light cardboard rolled up like a tube and going down through the middle of the coffee ,it then expanded out and through some shaking it came to rest around the whole inside of the tin with all the coffee now inside it.
I then heard God say "I am as big as I have always been and I have inserted myself in".
I clearly understood that God was the paper insert and that he had positioned himself around all the evil.I also clearly understood that the paper insert looked small at first but then it expanded surrounded all the coffee.
Why I say evil is that in another portion of the dream I could see that the contents of the tin were sin an all sorts of evil carry on too disgusting too mention.
I immediately woke and understood this is about whats going on at the moment.God was saying nobody noticed but I have inserted myself in.

So I am confident enough to say that "This is not over" ,I dont know Gods plans or his timing other than what he gave me.I cant say for sure that Joe Biden wont be President for the four years or that Donald Trump will be restored to be president for the remainder of the term as other people have said.
If you ask me whats my opinion rather than intrepretation I would have to say their will be investigations perhaps a public prosecutor and the election will be overturned and then the show of Gods power and Justice in such a tangible way will fuel a great revival,
Thats my opinion rather than intrepretation but I have no doubt this is not over and God has inserted himself in,
urs staff

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Hi Abideinhim,
I am not saying that Christians wont be persecuted.Its clear even now that throughout the world their is persecution onto death.
But their are clearly times of great persecution like Corrie Ten Boon and times where their was little persecution like Billy Graham and he lived a godly life in Christ.
I have complained about always looking through the lens of persecution and believing if it doesnt come then it isnt true Christianity.I have complained about how pre trib believers are misrepresented on SI.All pre trib believers I personally know understand about persecution and that we could come under persecution like other Christians have around the world.Just because we believe that we will be raptured doesnt mean we dont understand persecution.
Paul had times where he preached freely and without hindrance and then he had times of persecution.He didnt long for it to come though but saw the good it produced when it did come,urs staff

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 Re: CNN

I know a number of people who have been telling me about their nightmarish dreams. Each and every one of them have been so disturbed by these nightmarish dreams that their daily lives have been affected in one way or another and to some degree or other.

These nightmarish dreams that each of these persons are having have to do with the political atmosphere and world events.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that all of these persons are christians.

Another thing worth mentioning is that they see and hear news reports daily on the current events in our nation and the world.

I asked if they'd consider fasting and praying. The fast I had in mind was in regard to their daily diet of the news and the current events in our nation and in the world.

They all agreed. They spent all the time in fellowship with God through His Word and prayer, in the place of the time they'd been spending seeing and hearing news.

An amazing thing occurred. After just 2 days, all of their nightmarish politically charged dreams ceased.
They all slept soundly and had sweet dreams. To this day they're experiencing God's peace and are focused on doing justice, loving mercy and walking humbly with their Lord. They are praying for family and friends more, helping those in need, evangelizing the lost, and growing in the grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus. All this with the joy of the Lord in their step. They've got a thankful and giving heart, and are an inspiration and an encouragement to all around them.

It may be that some others are also having dreams due to these factors.

Just saying...🙂

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Hi Savannah,

The reason people are having dreams from God is because the word of God says thats what would happen.Some Christians who are afraid of the supernatural usually hate the Acts 2 scripture and look for a way to look pass them.So many big things happened regarding dreams and visions in both the New and the Old Testaments.I can only say that I dreamt on or around the 3 week in Nov that the 13 of feb would have some faint significance and it did Trump was acquitted from the sham impeachment.Even on the 12th it looked like their would be no vote on the 13th.

"'In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.

I would wonder why other people are not dreaming or having visions?? as it says I will pour out my spirit on all people etc.

Nightmares and the like are not what we are talking about here.They are just normal dreams not the edifying dreams like you get from the Lord.

urs staff

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