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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Trump Acquitted in sham impeachment trial

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 Trump Acquitted in sham impeachment trial

Hi All,
The sham,unconstitutional impeachment trial ended with President Trump being acquitted.

In a farcical trial where a doctored tweet was entered as evidence the democratic house manager didnt understand the difference between "Cavalry" and "Calvary".
Its quite funny in a way.He thought the calvary was coming on the 6th but actually it was calvary was coming on the 5th to pray lol

On a related topic.I shared with some friends but im not sure whether i put it in a post on SI off 3 dreams i had in January.
I will relay them here anyhow.
I had a very faint dream of the date 13/2 .Very faint.
A couple of days later I had a dream of 15/4 and in it I was congratatulating my mother on her birthday but whats odd is that her real birthday was in June.
The third dream I dreamt of 3 dates 13/2 14/3 and 15/4 as a comfirmation.I wondered what the these weird dreams were about and what was the significance.(notice the 13,14,15 and 2,3 and 4 increments)
The only one I felt I knew about was the 15/4 with Mother often in dreams meaning Church or The Church .So 15/4 would in this dream be the Churches birthday.
I guess I Knew deep down that the dates had significance to the US election and now today the faint dream I would say was (but you decide for yourself) fulfilled on 13/2 Trump was acquitted.I think the faintness of the date means that it was the least important or was a small date compares to the others,
I can put may hand on my heart and say that I had these dreams and I believe they are from the Lord.I have been waiting for a few weeks now wondering what was going to happen on the 13/2,
urs staff

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Monroe, LA - USA

 Re: Trump Acquitted in sham impeachment trial

I am wondering what may be in store for this Sunday the 14th of March. I know that God gives dreams for a reason. Here lately I have had a mixture of different events in my personal life causing me to wonder if something historical is about to take place on a larger scale.

I had made myself an email reminder with a link to this post for today. I know that God will lead His dear children along regardless of what we have to face:

Some through the water
Some through the flood
Some through the fire, but
All through the blood,
Some through great sorrow but God gives a song
In the night season and all the day long.

Michael Strickland

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Hi Lordoitagain,
I know ,I am just waiting to see.I really dont know if its something major for me personally or the Church or if its like the 13th of the 2nd political.
I did get one other bit of clarity is that 13,14 and 15 added together equals 42 and thats really significant for me as if you read some of my posts I am always harping on about the Spirit Elijah coming to minister in the first half of Daniels seventieth week.
I also then looked at 2,3 and 4 which equals 9 and to me that reminds me of Christ on the Cross on the 9th hour "IT IS FINISHED"
So I am waiting to see ,I got the dream I believe it is from the Lord ,I shared it and you can imagine what my mind is thinking right now ....Also I would think because the 13th was such a faint dream that the 13 of the 2nd was the least significant event ,
I also know that this has nothing to do with faith or prayer or anything like that ,it either happens or it doesnt happen ,nothing is required .Talk again on the 14th? staff

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I don’t have any wisdom about this topic to share. I do see some headlines and they are troubling. The impression from the headlines is coup-like. They remind of the signs Art Katz described seeing in East Germany about East German-Russian friendship while the reality is that the East Germans held no love for the Russian occupying forces. I suppose the greatest benefit to that period for the Church in East Germany was the ‘edge’ that their faith developed. A decade or so after Germany reunited, Art commented that believers he had known had lost that veracity and vitality to their faith. The generation of youth he met initially were zealous for the Truth but much of the subsequent “free” generation were reported to be almost entirely sucked in by the allurements of the World.

Growing up I remember my parents talking about all those lost to the pitfalls of the 60s. Then there was always someone talking about the youth lost to whatever was happening as though it were a surprise. I am reminded that all is by God’s grace.

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Joined: 2007/2/8
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I didnt see anything significant happen yesterday on the 14th of the 3rd.I still believe I got the dream from the Lord but I am none the wiser the significance of the date the 14th of March as nothing seems to have happened personally,politically or ecclesiastically that makes that date stick out .
So I will wait to see if any further understanding comes to me ,urs staff

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