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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Trump Acquitted in sham impeachment trial

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 Trump Acquitted in sham impeachment trial

Hi All,
The sham,unconstitutional impeachment trial ended with President Trump being acquitted.

In a farcical trial where a doctored tweet was entered as evidence the democratic house manager didnt understand the difference between "Cavalry" and "Calvary".
Its quite funny in a way.He thought the calvary was coming on the 6th but actually it was calvary was coming on the 5th to pray lol

On a related topic.I shared with some friends but im not sure whether i put it in a post on SI off 3 dreams i had in January.
I will relay them here anyhow.
I had a very faint dream of the date 13/2 .Very faint.
A couple of days later I had a dream of 15/4 and in it I was congratatulating my mother on her birthday but whats odd is that her real birthday was in June.
The third dream I dreamt of 3 dates 13/2 14/3 and 15/4 as a comfirmation.I wondered what the these weird dreams were about and what was the significance.(notice the 13,14,15 and 2,3 and 4 increments)
The only one I felt I knew about was the 15/4 with Mother often in dreams meaning Church or The Church .So 15/4 would in this dream be the Churches birthday.
I guess I Knew deep down that the dates had significance to the US election and now today the faint dream I would say was (but you decide for yourself) fulfilled on 13/2 Trump was acquitted.I think the faintness of the date means that it was the least important or was a small date compares to the others,
I can put may hand on my heart and say that I had these dreams and I believe they are from the Lord.I have been waiting for a few weeks now wondering what was going to happen on the 13/2,
urs staff

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