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 The end God has in mind

While reading Proverbs 2 this morning, I was led to look into the word “command” - ie - “if you hear the sayings of my commands and hide them to yourself...”

The LXX uses εντολής - “command” and I realized that I had never noticed the composition of the word. It is a simple compound of “εν + τολή” -the preposition εν “in” and “télos” a goal or an end.

Then I saw “command” as God intended it to be understood. His command is “the goal or end” He has in His mind for us. His will and intention is GOOD and PERFECT - and He speaks this END (command) to us. When we miss His “end/goal” we have “sinned” – missed the mark of the good end He intended for us.

If we hide the sayings of His “end goals” (commands) for us in our hearts - if our ears will obey wisdom, if we will cast our hearts toward understanding, giving our voice to perception, searching greatly for it like treasure - then we will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God – for this is the end goal God has for us.

The Lord GIVES wisdom and from His presence knowledge and understanding. He treasures up salvation to the ones keeping straight and He shields their goings to guard the way or righteousness and He will fully guard the way of the man who reverently fears Him.

If we really understand that God’s commands are simply His own good end goals for us - we would hide them to ourselves, guard them, do them, and experience their intended good end.


Alan and Dina Martin

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 Re: The end God has in mind

nice amen

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