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Discussion Forum : General Topics :  The Wind is coming, break up the fallow ground ....

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  The Wind is coming, break up the fallow ground ....

the wind will blow ,the trumpent will sound , ears will hear ,and eyes will see , The glory of the LORD, will shine and set free , spring time is coming , when the flowers will bloom , and the fragrance will led ,the people to me , more over i wll cast away , the weeds , from within my garden , and my plants will grow , so that they produce fruit ,that is pleasing to my eyes says the lord ,, when the times comes , that you surch for my friends , all will be revealed , and you wont look far , for my spirit will lead you , to a place of rest , and i will rejuvenate your soul, like i promised you , in a place that i choose , for you and your wife ,, and you will know that i the lord have done this ,, the barking of dogs , will be a distance sound , and my place of peace will comfort your soul , and the waters will flow , as i promised downs the streets ,and the chains will break from my people , and they will leap like calfs out of their stalls ,,and find the pastures will be green ready to eat ,and they will be fed ,and grow and be fatened ,and turn into bulls ,and charged down the enemyes , and trample the serpants , and feast on their corpses, and nothing shall harm them , for their strength is from me , and they shall bind the tigers ,and learn to set free ,

this is my plan,and it shall not be thwarted ,by any man ,for the lord has spoken ,and shall not relent, for i will plant and i will water , for the garden is mine ,, so keep preparing the soil, for the time is not yet ,but it will be soon , my light will shine and my angles are coming to do my work ,in dark places they will see the light , says the lord god of hosts , and they will expect you , for my spirit will speak and their hearts will hear .............

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