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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : In Biden’s Catholic Faith, an Ascendant Liberal Christianity

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/I understand the posters here very well ,they have an infatuation with persecution and cant see the woods from the trees.They hated that Hillary Clinton didnt get in because they had been prophesying since I can remember "Persecution is coming".They are bound to be correct at some stage./

This seems a rather ludicrous statement. You don't understand this poster and obviously many others. You ought to lay off of folks because they are not going along exactly with your view. I mean that in the best of ways.

I seriously doubt that any posters on SI voted for Joe Biden.

I seriously doubt that any posters on SI were disappointed that Hillary Clinton didn't win over President Trump. I very seriously doubt it.

All Christians I know didn't vote for Joe Biden and are very thankful for the things that President Trump did for the nation, including the three Supreme Court justices etc., and his pro-life, pro-Israel stands that he took. Very thankful.

Two bottom line questions remain.

1) Were the multitude of prophets who confidently predicted President Trump would serve another consecutive four years as President RIGHT or WRONG in their forecasts?

2) In spite of the obvious cheating and dishonesty that went on during the election, for what sovereign reason has God turned the reins of power over to Joe Biden, even if it turns out to be only temporary? It may be painful, it may be inconvenient, it may not be what we wanted, but as of now, it is a FACT. At this point, I'm not waiting around any longer for any last minute parting of the Red Seas that will suddenly and out of the blue reinstate President Trump as many of the same previously wrong prophets have continued to prophesy. It's time for reality.

Perhaps your anger and unrest staff over the recent election events should be taken before the Lord in a more deeper and seeking way. Your accusations toward others are becoming more and more flat and not always true. One size blanket does not cover all. Your rage and complaining may indeed be complaining against the Lord.

I'm as disappointed as any voter. I know the Lord has seen the dishonesty and the fraud. I would hate to be among those who will be on the receiving end when these things are hopefully rectified. Meanwhile though, it's time to quit throwing accusations and face reality.

David Winter

 2021/1/26 13:33Profile

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