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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : Prayer from demonic oppression

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No problem. I just threw that in there because some deliverance ministries the demons keep reentering the person and when you investigate closer its because basically they are not sola scriptura and are anti doctrinal/theology. We need both spirit and robust systematic theology. Can't be unbalanced.

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According to one brothers statement here, I was either not saved or not demon indwelt. But I know for sure, I was both.

And if someone in my tormented state had told me you are now in Jesus, safe and eternally secure, do not worry about demons, I would probably have lapsed back into darkness and the man with the OSAS theology would have argued himself out by saying that I was probably not saved in the first place and predestined to damnation anyway, so the will of God was fulfilled either way.

It was actually during the process when the pastor lead me through thorough repentance, that he discovered that demons where involved.

When the man born blind who was healed was examined by the Pharisees, they rather had him stay blind because it did not fit their theology.

There are passages in scripture that are purposely shrouded in mystery, they cannot be reasoned out but must be revealed by the Spirit.

The bible does not say clearly, whether a Christian can be indwelt by demons. For me it is clear, because like the man born blind and healed I know I was delivered and I am now free. If some of you only knew the gross darkness I was in and the glory of Christ that I e at my salvation and powerful infillig of the Holy Spirit, that happened to me, you would perhaps think otherwise.

I am saying all these things not trying to win an argument, but in view of the OP who for years posts the same things about demonic oppression. It moves me greatly and I wish I could do anything to help you, because I was helped by the mercy of God.

Dear brother Bible4life,
I am telling you there is deliverance in Christ, make sure you have thoroughly repented of any known sin, made restitutions, brought relationships in order and get rid of anything to do with witchcraft, astrology, heavy metal, occult books, yoga, meditation, amuletts, drugs and all that sort of stuff and ask Christ to send a brother who knows the things of the Spirit and pray for your deliverance. Also confess any unforgiveness, hatred and curses you spoke out or idols you worshipped.
No Christian has to be tormented by demons, deliverance is yours to have, you are entitled to it. Never, ever give up, pray, fast and ASK. Just eliminate any claim or foothold the devil might have in you life.

I hope one day you can share your testimony here.

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Narrowpath thank you so much I will tell you when the Lord delivers me

John Beechy

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Praying for you 🙏🏻

May the Lord Jesus Himself fight for you, deliver you, and grant you to have a testimony for His glory, that will bring hope to others, in His perfect time! ✝️

“May He send you help from the sanctuary, and strengthen you out of Zion” Psalm 20:2

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