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 a word of prophecy to my special wife

it keeps getting better, iv had the best morning of worship and prayer,,, fear not little flock for i have over come the world ,,and my spirit will show you ,the things that shortly take place ,but be prepared ,for when i shine my light the darkness will be blinded and it will be your time to take the scikel, to the heads of the wheat , you will know the time becase we are entering that season now ,,keep my words near you and in your heart and in your mouth ,bring to me those ones ,,the hurt and the broken hold their hand bring them through the gate ,onto my narrow path that i made for you ,be willing ,to dream big ,and i will give you the dreams ,resist the temptation ,to look with the eyes of the world , but look with eyes that see with love ,and you will gain the gifts that are bestowed from above ,,my son ,shale speak my words and he will call to the poorest and those in the dark ,never ever doubt my word to you ,because you are mine ,my child , and iv prepared a place for you to to become ripe and sweet like a pomigranit , but you will also taste the bitterness ,of my sprit of intersession , but you will learn to enjoy ,all of my blessings that I am putting upon you ......again fear not anything for my angels are with you ,and they protect you because you are mine ,and my hand will be upon your hand and my mind will be upon your mind , as my spirit is one with your spirit .........again do not be tempted to be afraid i will deliver you from your enemys hands , and they shall not be able to touch you .......listen to what spirit says ................................

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