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Discussion Forum : General Topics : One angle of how bad theology plays itself out.

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Hi Havok,
I am with all the people who hate the stuff you outlined.
It has been disappointing big time.So has miracles and healing etc.
One thing is that the charlatans wont attach themselves to the dry end of the Church because their is nothing there for them to exploit and no gain to be got.
The mistake is to think that means the dry end of the Church is the correct end .It is not.
As I have said the only way their is unity in the Church is with the gifts in operation correctly.The only time unity is mentioned in the epistles is when the gifts are being discussed.I am not talking about harmony which is different than unity.
I cant throw the baby out with the bathwater.The bible clearly says Prophecy ,dreams and visions are for the Church and that it cant operate correctly without all the gifts and without all the gifts operating in correct order.
Is their a need for Paul,Peter ,James,John and all the lesser known Apostles who didnt write any scripture today,yes is clearly the answer.Is their a need for Agabus and his Four Prophetic daughters today ,yes of course their is.Paul says the prophetic is for Consolation,exhortation and edification .You cant get these in the manner prescribed unless the prophetic is in operation but correctly.

On one practical matter,their are millions more Christians in the world today than in the first century that naturally means their are millions more gifts in the world than the first century.As Paul used parchment paper to administer Church business so we use email,youtube and websites like SI to adminster Church business.Put together those to practical things and you get millions of Christians using modern technology to adminster Church business.
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