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 Official Director of National Intelligence :China Sought To Influence Election

Hi All
The report on foreign election interference is in and it shows that CIA analysts were pressured to give the election a clean bill of health but the director of National Intelligence John Radcliffe has officially reported that China Sought to Interfere with the US election.
The report did not say when,where or how.
The report now gives President Trump legal grounds to use the 2018 excutive order on foreign election interference.

urs staff

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 Re: Official Director of National Intelligence :China Sought To Influence Election

I voted for President Trump in 2016 and 2020. I would love to eat crow regarding what I think is going to happen, but if President Trump possibly doesn't get back in, in spite of many prophecies of last minute miracles, who will have the courage to ask the then necessary difficult questions regarding the "prophets" and their thus saith the Lord predictions about President Trump most assuredly serving four more years? At this point, we have to face this possible scenario.

David Winter

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Hi Docs,
Well the vote choice wasnt hard as a Christian whether to vote for Atheism or Religious freedom,to vote Pro Life or Abortion ,for Israel or Against Israel ,For "Amen,Awomen" or for the Lord's prayer in the White House and you could go on.
But unlike you some Christians were unable to make the right choice which is still the most shocking thing about the election to me,not the fraud or following of unconstitutional rules.

I can only speak of course for myself but I have carefully weighed up whether God has a plan to scupper this lovely liberal love-in or not.
The 20th is a deadline.Its a deadline similar to Lazarus's deadline .Lazarus's deadline was actually a real deadline and on the the day of his deadline(the 20th for this discussion)he physically died.Mary and Martha and all the mourners had no choice of course but to follow the deadline(of the 20th).God did not have to follow man's deadline and Jesus tarried 4 days.Enough time for the man to be dead and buried and decomposing .Then Jesus tells us the reason for the delay was for the Glory of God.God's Timeline is not mans timeline.

I still think God will scupper the liberal love-in.Here's why?
1.In the Natural its not going with the direction God has been going with A Brexit now completed B 2016 US Election totally unexpected result C The unexpected election of 3 conservative surpreme court Judges
2 It is abundantly clear to me that "The imperfect Trump" was put in power to act as a buffer for Christians and if he's Gods man in 2016 he remains God's man in 2020 because he has done nothing different than he was doing
3 I had two dreams from the Lord or not?;you can make your mind up.I have only shared with one other person

First dream
Scene 1
Democrats claim victory first(this lead me to believe someone else would claim victory second)
Scene 2
Joe Biden walking through some White doors shaking hands but I only saw him as far as the threshold .The doors had glass squares top to bottom and in the dream I thought it was the Whitehouse and I felt resigned thinking maybe that it then
Scene 3
Trump opens a solid white door and takes a half a step out and looks to his right and while he's looking there some dark force in the shape of a person puts their hand on his left shoulder and he was like a person nabbed.I had the feeling he was being taken out perhaps even to prison but I wasnt sure.

2nd Dream
One Scene
In a very large hall full of politicians and after looking at pictures online I think its the congress not the senate.
Where the leaders seat is a man walked in and had a smile on his face.I recognised the man as Professor Norpoth of "The Primary Model".Professor Norpoth prediction model has predicted all Presidents since the 60s except for Bush Gore .He predicted Trump to win both in 2016 and 2020.
The only politicians I saw were on the right hand side and they rose up with surprize,anger and they got into a raucous but were powerless to do anything because the smiling man was in charge now.
In the dream I said to myself "This cant be Norpoth because how could he be in charge of Politicians,he must just look like Norpoth"
Then I looked to his left and I heard God say "What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander"
Norpoth looks like this
He nowadays has a kind of chiselled lean look with glasses.
A few days after the dream I stumbled on a picture of Christopher Miller the Sec of defence
Miller has a chiselled lean look too.

My intrepretation (which may be wrong but only slightly) is that the Norpoth like figure could be someone like Christopher Miller as they look alike.The most probable path for him to have politicians powerless and angry is that he is appointed Special Prosecutor to investigate voter fraud.
Hence the "whats good for the goose line" ie Trump got Bob Meuller who found nothing because their was nothing to find and now the liberal left and friends will get a special prosecuter of their own that will easily find everything.

I didnt feel lead to share these things but for people's hardness of hearts (not you docs)and not to be cowardly about these things I will share it here that it may edify in some way,
urs staff

P.S That is why the 20th is not a written in stone day is for me as I want my 4 days that Jesus took to ressurect.
Also it has been my experience of a dream with a man wearing glasses may not be literal but mean insight or seer.

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