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Discussion Forum : General Topics : The downgrade and divide begins

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 The downgrade and divide begins

Statement from Wheaton College Faculty and Staff Concerning the January 6 Attack on the Capitol
The January 6 attack on the Capitol was characterized not only by vicious lies, deplorable violence, white supremacy, white nationalism, and wicked leadership—especially by President Trump—but also by idolatrous and blasphemous abuses of Christian symbols. The behaviors that many participants celebrated in Jesus’ name bear absolutely no resemblance to the Christian teachings or ethics that we submit to as faculty and staff of Wheaton College. Furthermore, the differential treatment displayed by those with a duty to protect in their engagement with rioters who trespassed on the Capitol grounds illegally, when compared to recent protests over police brutality in D.C. last summer, illustrates the ongoing reality that systematic racism in our country is tragically and undeniably alive and well. These realities are reprehensible. Our Christian faith demands shining a light on these evils and the simultaneous commitment to take appropriate action.
In the days and weeks preceding January 6, many more leaders, including many evangelical leaders, could have spoken truth to the disillusioned supporters of President Trump—diminishing the prospects for violence and bolstering the witness of Christian love and the call for justice in our civic life. Some did. However, many wittingly propagated lies, or were unduly silent in a just cause. Our Christian faith demands greater courage.
We repent of our own failures to speak and to act in accordance with justice, and we lament the failures of the Church to teach clearly and to exercise adequate church discipline in these areas. Moreover, we grieve over the inadequate level of discipleship that has made room for this type of behavior among those who self-identify as Christian. We pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal to us all manner of idolatry, and we commit to speaking plainly against it wherever and whenever we find it. We commit ourselves to a more faithful witness in our callings as the faculty and staff of Wheaton College, and will work diligently to provide ample opportunities to show students, as well as the larger Wheaton College and Christian community, how to practice discernment in civic engagement, to demonstrate the connections between love and justice, and to courageously communicate the truth—even and especially when the truth is difficult to hear.
We pray that, in so doing, we will fulfill the Lord’s requirement of us: “To do justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly before our God” (Micah 6:8).


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 Re: The downgrade and divide begins

Sorry, but *true* Christians were not violently storming the Capitol. Fake Christians maybe.


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 Re: The downgrade and divide begins

Hi CofG,
Hope you are well.
Firstly on the article released by Wheaton,
Christian Trump Supporters have absolutely nothing to repent off and are not "delusional" this is a complete fabrication.
In my opinion this article is aloof,devisive and totally incorrect.It might as well be written by CNN.


Did Wheaton respond to BLM riots?
Did Wheaton condemn violent agitation from Democratic politicians including Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi?
Have Wheaton condemned the HEAVY Censorship on Christian and Conservative organisations and indivdiduals?


Their were one million plus people at the "RALLY" and the people that entered the capitol buildings can be broken down as follows
1 A small amount of Trump Supporters compared to the 1million plus rally.The rally was peaceful and orientated toward families.
2 Antifa agitators who were allowed in by police
3 Special forces who had inflitrated the Antifa Group

The so called "attack" of the capitol had a mixture of an organised "setup" as clearly their were Antifa present,special forces present ,police who let protestors through and some Trump supporters who got involved in the chaos.
Many Thousands of Christians were on the streets and among the million people their .They carried Christian placards and crosses and witnessing and praise and worship was also going on.

All Wheaton are doing is race baiting which has been the tactic of liberal media for a generation.This is tactic is evil and it is purely to divide the body.Its very sad to see a so called "evangelical" faculity demeaning Christianity and Christ by getting involved in race baiting.

Faculty qoute:
"illustrates the ongoing reality that systematic racism in our country is tragically and undeniably alive and well."

This is clearly been a set up to declare all Trump Supporters has Racist because they are "white" by wheaton
All Trump supporters are not white ,they come from all ethnic backgrounds.


The evidence for voter fraud and election fraud is overwhelming as it was laid out in front of 6 legislatures.
Wheaton obviously have no love for justice or civic engagement but have abandoned any love for the truth.

Their is no evidence that theological siminaries are biblical and are certainly not to be involved in the structure of the Church or body .Theological colleges have usurped the God given structure of Authority over the years and by their very nature are in wrong authority.

urs staff

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Hi Wheaton

Attorney General of Texas arrests Woman for Voter fraud

She says she brought 7000 fraudelent votes to the the polls.
It cost 5 to 8 dollars an individual vote!
55,000 Dollars up front for 5000 votes

urs staff

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Wheaton College and Staff Need to Apologize.
At least we now know what side Wheaton College will be on when the Anti Christ comes as they are either delibrately perpetuating lies or they have gone so far away from Christ they have no discernment.

The FBI have said that Donald Trump had nothing to do with any violence on Jan 6th and that it was preplanned long before the Trump rally

I post this link as it reports on what the FBI said.

urs staff

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John Sullivan left wing antifa activist is charged over January 6th Incident.He has been portrayed by CNNs Anderson Cooper as an "observer" pretty sickening.

Also pretty sickening is that Wheaton College and Staff are spreading falsehoods ,division and hatred,a so called Christian College.Shame on them.

The Fbi has also said that the raid on Capitol building was planned long before President Trumps rally speech and that President Trump had nothing to do with the incursion.

Feds Charge Left-Wing Activist Who Filmed Shooting Of Trump Supporter At Capitol

urs staff

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Pineville, LA


Having spoken to a close friend of mine who was actually at the location where all of this started--most of the people who incited this violence were Antifa activists. JP Spears offers some pretty significant proof of this, showing pictures of antifa members who were also present at the rally and also at violent protests prior to the rally.

My friend who was their left 20 minutes before the violence started because he said that he noticed the antifa guys and didn't want to be around when they started destroying things. Thank God he did, because he was right there where it all started.

I say all this to verify what staff is saying about the actual events.

Without being too political, the rise of marxism in this country is something that has been a century in the making. They have systematically taken over education, the media, and the government. They have always said they would do this and they are making good on their promise.

Do yourself a favor and go to and search for some politcally charged information. Then go to and do the same search. You will find a clear and evident bias against anything deemed "conservative" including Christianity. For example, when my friend texted me and told me antifa was behind the capitol violence, I googled it and found nothing that suggested that. Only after I went to did I find articles (on the FRONT PAGE of the results) that google's algorithm had supressed.

May God give us wisdom and grace in these difficult times and in the much worse times to come!

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This video is pretty shocking NOT graphically but If you dont want to be shocked and upset dont listen to it ,urs staff

New Evidence showing Democrats paid people to riot.

urs staff

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"Sorry, but *true* Christians were not violently storming the Capitol. Fake Christians maybe."

True, however this is the problem, It's to the world, done in Christ's name, therefore portraying the wrong picture of true Christianity, a very bad witness to an unbelieving world.
Let's not look to Trump or Biden, (or if another certain charismatic person comes on the scene )
But unto God, He alone is our answer.


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How can you hold Christians accountable for what non Christians are doing?We cant help the world portraying a wrong picture of true Christianity .Nobody is lookng to Trump ,your arguement is a complete misnomer and a slight (not intentionally) on all Christian Trump Supporters.
The world has always portrayed a wrong Christianity and always will .
All Christian Trump Suppporters I know love God and look to him alone and voted for him to help get rid of Abortion,nominate conservative supreme court judges and are Pro Israel which he was.
You are putting yourself on a pedestal(not intentionally) and saying look at me because I am saying I dont look to Trump or Biden I am looking to God alone but these Christians are not, which couldnt be further from the truth,
urs staff

P.s (paraphrasing)
God says if Gods people who are called by my name humble themselves and pray I will heal their land

Just a note and their is alot in this scripture that God says "heal their land" their land which means people can have a land ,it isnt all one land or nation but many and the reason we should humble and pray is for healing of their land.

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