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Discussion Forum : General Topics :  Prophetic Word: Trump Will Remain the President & An Apology.

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  Prophetic Word: Trump Will Remain the President & An Apology.

Hi All

For balance to the recent posts
Here is a Pastor I Follow on Youtube that has put this up in the last few hours.
She had not previously Prophesied that Trump would be President but she has today .So opposite to those Prophetic voices that have apologized.Have a listen and decide for yourselves .
urs staff

Prophetic Word: Trump Will Remain the President & An Apology.

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 Re: Prophetic Word: Trump Will Remain the President & An Apology.

Thanks for posting this. I like the view that, the avenues we were looking to for a solution may not be the way the Lord decides to get it done. We were talking and praying of course over many things, but remembering the wall of fire God placed between His people and the Egyptian army. Our God seems to like last minute showdowns. Praying and hoping for the 4th man to show! Amen



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Hi Rufnrust,
I think you are right and all sides of the "will he or wont he" debate will recognise that scripturally God is the God of last minute showdowns.
I cant remember a "Red Sea Moment" similar to this on an international stage where God has to make the way or else the Eygptian Armies will prevail on God's people.
Brexit was an almighty work of God to seperate Great Britian from the EU which is a satanic entity to its core.
2016 US election was a mighty miracle mocked as impossible for a year before that.
This is on a whole different level again because a hoped for Judgement is involved and its International in scope and scale .When history is recalled in heaven to show how great and wonderful the Lord is then this will be up there with the Red Sea,praying for a miracle,urs staff

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My prayer has been that if fraud has been committed the God of Truth would not allow it to succeed.

One might argue that God may want to use the fraud to hasten judgment on America.

But I even prayed that if God wants to judge America to do it His own way, but not by allowing fraud of evil people to succeed.

If there has been no meaningful fraud, then moot point.


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I just thought better of my comments and deleted them.

Thank you.

David Winter

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Lakeland FL

 Re: Prophetic Word: Trump Will Remain the President & An Apology.

A great question is this...

Is she obeying the Word of God by being a pastor? What does the Word say about this?

I am finishing a missionary book and a lady is in the Philippines translating. At one point one of the men in the village comes upon the scripture about men being the teacher and gets quiet. Eventually he takes his position and learns the Word and becomes the teacher to his people while she continues the translation. I wondered how this would go when I read it and it turned out great. It was odd since it was more pragmatic for the missionary to do the preaching but the Word but the missionary and this elder obeyed the Word and God gave His blessing.

THe book is called 'And the Word came in Power' published by Wyclife bible translators. if you are interested. I bought it at their mussum in Orlando.

by Joanne Shetler (Author), Patricia Purvis (Contributor)


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Scotland, UK


Quote: by Joanne Shetler (Author), Patricia Purvis (Contributor)

So there is a lesson you want us to learn; that men are meant to be the teacher.

And you want us learn this through a book from two women.

On the floor laughing...

Colin Murray

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


Is she obeying the Word of God by being a pastor? What does the Word say about this?

This is a valid concern brother you are raising. There are so many voices raising up, people naming ministries after themselves. People declaring themselves prophets or apostles.

Prophetic words are cheap now, everyone has them and gives them out as fast as possible. Almost never are these "prophetic" words towards sin, comprimise or repentance of believers.

We have the words of God brethren, are they not enough? Our kingdom is of heaven and why is the church all of a sudden over infactuated with the politics of america? Can it be God is showing us that there is much of the kingdom of earth still in our hearts?

Who cares about America, what about the Church? God's concern is the body of Christ to be healthy so it can be a true light to the dying world around her.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2021/1/11 20:16Profile

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Hi all,
I firmly believe their was fraud.As well as all the hours testimony to the state Legislatures,the clear video of fraud in GA and the dominion machine audit in Wisconsin,we also have the unconstitutional voting.
Wisconsin-2000000 illegal absentee ballots
Philidelpia-Judiciary change rules which is unconstitutional
If anyone doubts their was fraud please spend some time looking at the evidence given to the legislatures of the swing states as I did.
We have Rudy Giuliani who brought down the mob crime families in New York on the record about what he thinks.
Also 5 full states stopped counting at around the same time in early morning and all of a sudden hundreds of thousands of ballots suddenly appeared.This never happened before,
If their was no fraud why were poll observers harrassed ,kicked out and kept away from seeing the ballots?Why did election officials put up cardboard to stop people seeing?and most importantly why did governors and judges stop real audits go ahead but put up every kind of barrier to stop this happen?If their was nothing to hide their would have been no problem audit and it would have made Trump look foolish.Why would Joe Biden not want to double check everything unless their was fraud and they were hiding it,He would have started his term by showing he won fair and square to everyone and partially unite the country.

Off all the cases that were brought to court the judiciary refused to hear evidence except for two I think and those two were victories for Trump.Judge McCollough from Wisconsin said that on the merits of the case in front of her if it goes to the Supreme court it will be successful.

Then ask yourself this why are you believing a false prophet like CNN ,Msnbc ,Fox about the election when they clearly lied about Opinion Polls in 2016 and 2020,some of them pushed collusion and impeachment which were total lies as well as inciting violence on your streets with BLM which is just a militia for the democratic party.

If you dont understand that BLM are communist then look at this video of Patrisse Colors the Co founder of BLM in response to a complaint from a communist terrorist in jail.

"We are trained organisers,we are trained marxists,we are super versed on ideological theories"

Then ask yourself why so little Spiritual discernment?
You have a group of people that support planned parenthood,Anti Semitism,BLM violence and murder,gender politics,the gay agenda ,open borders which means no national governments (a thing God hates),not to mention all the antics in the last 4 years and you are considering what they are saying is actually true?
By their fruits.......
urs staff

P.s do please have a look at that 2minute video clip and as well as whats being said listen to the sickening tone of the interviewer .

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Joined: 2007/2/8
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Hi Greg,
I know you cant look at every post,its out of the question but let me give this example.


Elijah has 450 false prophets on Mt Carmel and Obadiah hid 100 True prophets in two caves .Elijah wins the competition but he kills the 450 false prophets ,he doesnt kill the 450 and the 100 prophets because that would be saying you know so many Prophets are false ,liars ,in it for personal gain or are just deluded that if I kill all of the Prophets I will get rid of the problem of prophesy all
You cant throw the baby out with the bathwater.You cant kill all prophesy just because part even a greater part is rubbish.Its not possible to explain the Joel Prophesy away as well.


Paul says No the words of the brethren are not enough.These words have to Exhort,Console and Edify and they have to come directly from the heart of God (Every word that comes from the heart of God is doctrinally and biblically correct)

"We have the words of God brethren, are they not enough?"


Anyone who calls themselves by their giftings such as saying I am Apostle Michael or I Am Prophet Frank or I am Pastor Patrick are causing a big problem.They are opening up the body to disunity and wrong authority to the point of witchcraft.

On Women Pastors
Greg I believe correct me if I am wrong I heard you debate for he wearing of head covering for women in the past and to be honest I couldnt agree with you at all on that doctrine and this woman seems to lead a group ,I dont know how many and she loves the Lord and not too much of a fruit cake as far as I heard .So you may be far away from her doctrinally wise but she loves the Lord and says she is hearing from him

urs staff

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