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 God Has Not Conceded.Lets Meet On Mount Carmel To Decide This Thing!!!

Hi All,
God Has Not Conceded.Lets Meet On Mount Carmel To Decide This Thing!

The Spiritual Battle Lines Are Drawn!
Lets meet on the Mountain and Watch God Answer!

How long will you waver between two opinions?
If God does not answer then the Prophets of CNN are correct and if he does Answer then the opposing Prophets are correct.

One one Side we have the False Prophets CNN,MSNBC,ABC,BBC and all the other 450 Prophets Of Baal.

On The Other We Have Prophets Saying That Jesus Is Lord and He Will Deliver The USA from the corrupt Political And Judiciary

Sitting on the fence are the most complicated people of this Showdown The Church .Their are few different factions on the fence.Some of these people even belong to more than one faction !
A. We have the Christians who are going to heaven but have listened to the Prophets of Baal CNN and Company and are in a form of blindness.They use excuses like Gods appointed man "is too gruff and sips his water wrong for my liking",Oh no we expect our appointed man to be more charming and less devisive,oh God couldnt possibly use him.
B Then we have the heaven bound Christians who are saying Prophesy is not for today ,so these people cant be right .Even though CNN and the False Prophets have consistantly Censored,lied and spoken falsely especially over the last 4 years we still believe them anyway and must be the real Prophets!
C We Also have the Christians tossed too and fro and are punch drunk from the election arguements.Exhausted

D Another strange group of heaven bound Christians are the ones who long for persecution so much they would rather not see a Pro Israel ,Pro Life ,Pro Free Speech President because he is delaying their scripturally innacurrate view of persecution and tribulation.
E We have heaven bound Christians who hope it passes over their heads and they wont have to get involved or sit on either stool

AS FOR ME :I'M Nailing my colours to the mast and am expecting God to Answer and for the false Prophets of MSNBC to be judged.Neither will I stand with the Philistines as David did,the right person on the wrong side of the fight.
You can do what ever you see fit....

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