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 The elder brother

Let us examine the elder brother.

He paid careful attention to detail and was obedient to his father and to the commands of God. He is completely under control and quite self-disciplined. He was responsible, honest, dedicated, committed, moral and a very a hard worker. Day after day, week after week and year after year he worked hard in the field in spite of weather conditions or how he may have felt. He wanted his dad to know that he truly MEANT BUSINESS. When his dad inspected his work he never found fault with what he had done because he made sure by his careful and thoughtful work not to overlook or leave anything just partly done.

If He was alive today and posted on Christian forums all of his posts would be about obedience, dedication, self-discipline and commitment.

His real problem, is shown when His dads other son returns (he refuses to even acknowledge the fact that this is his true bother) and is given a party. Luke 15:25-32

He now expresses his bitterness, anger and outrage toward his bother and even his dad. Even when His dad told him, "Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine." He was unmoved and unaffected. All he can think about is that good for nothing, immoral, undisciplined, unfaithful, lazy and sinful other son is receiving a reward that belonged to him and truly deserved because he was the good and faithful son.

The father's love had not changed nor did he want his son to miss out on the calibration that was going on and kept entreating him to join in but he just keeps refusing. Why doesn't the elder brother go in? He himself gives the reason: "Because I've never disobeyed you." His "obedience" prevented him from taking part in the celebration.

Was the Elder brother like his loving, forgiving and merciful dad? No! His "obedience" could not make him like his father. The truth is that his "obedience" drove a wedge in between them making it IMPOSSIBLE for him to be like his dad.

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 Re: The elder brother

Obedience in the flesh is the devil's counter fit to a truly changed heart through genuine agape love.

Dead works from dead men.

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