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Hi look at it another way,
Abortion is the most vile curse on society ,im sure all Christians agree.Should we stand by and let it happen,to me thats a No.What do we do in a democratic society to stop that?We can activate and demonstrate and communicate to our politicians against Abortion.But our politicians are atheistic and dont believe in a God and hence Abortion doesnt mean much to them.We can pray they all get converted to Christianity but that doesnt have seemed to change much as of yet and we can elect people who are Pro Life and the majority of them are some type of Christian.
So am I taking my eyes of the Lord by trusting a Pro Life Christian with my vote and support in a decaying society?
I would say no and one of the most important attributes of a leader in a democracy is Popularity,so that Pro Life leader will have to have popularity and be cheered on by Christians .Are these Christians in cheering on a Pro life leader taking their eyes of the way?NO
urs staff

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Scotland, UK


Quote: John the Baptist who is in fact the first Apostle in all but name, as all 12 Apostles come from John became embrollied with political contraversy with Herod.

Jesus was highly political. He told the rich that, unlike the poor who were blessed, they would face woes. He criticised the King as a fox. He spoke harsh words to leaders of the nations when they were uncaring of the needy.

In the past old covenant we can see how the men of God were involved of the politics of the day Joseph and Daniel being the stand out examples.

In the new covenant from the time you mention until the Roman empire became a disciple of Christ.

Thomas Beckett in 1171 caused the king to ask “who will rid me of this troublesome priest?”

Then we have Luther as an example, John Knox and William Wilberforce.

He did this because God cares for those in need and expects those who claim to act in his name to do the same.

And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?

Colin Murray

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I do not believe either John the Baptist or Jesus nor the apostles did anything with politicians of their time. John told Herod to leave his brother's wife because Herod loved to hear John and came to willfully hear him. I do not believe John would just walk into a political leader and point out some personal sins like how Nathan the OT prophet did. This was not John's calling.

Having said this, one can still twist the scriptures to support their view. So taking scripture out of the picture, here is the reason I believe one should not use a Christian forum to spread political viewpoints.

There are many Christians who struggle with their Christian life because of political views. There are sure weak Christians who fail to keep their eyes on Jesus and also on politics. I personally do not believe anyone can faithfully do both. But there are super-spiritual guys in our midst who can do it! Even if we agree with their super-spiritual powers, it is not right to expect every Christian to be like them. Hence spreading political agendas and views to Christians can serve as a stumbling block to weak Christians. We all know what Jesus said about those who put a stumbling block before their brother.

I know a Godly man who has a strongly political viewpoint. But he never carries his view into the Church he leads. If he does that then I will call him also as a guy who puts stumbling block before others.


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Hi Sree,
So alot of people seem to twist Christian teachings to suit the view of Pacifism which the bible doesnt teach.In their world slavery would still exist,the Nazis would have taken over Europe and the USA would have a radical left,abortion loving ,communist leaning ,Israel hating President!.
This is not about stumbling blocks ,I see that as bogus arguement because their are some things that are stumbling blocks like the trinity or salvation issues but nevertheless are true so they remain and the its the person that wrongly stumbles has to change.We cant stop telling weak Christians the truth just because they stumble over it.Lets have homosexual pastors because its a stumbling block to weak Christians brothers and sisters that think ist ok?Heaven forbid.
John came as Elijah and his role was to oppose the corrupt Political leader ,in this case Herod who is a major type of the AntiChrist as was Ahab in Elijahs day.
The problem as I see it is that dark forces evil to the core are trying to bring in an even more radical evil agenda and some of the Church are in their bath tubs playing with their rubber duckies instead of confronting the evil,the same people wont come out straight and say what they think about the president ,urs staff

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Thank you for your prayers. Who would think that a blood sugar imbalance would so change a persons personality. We must ever be diligent about the delicious dainties dangled before us by the enemy of our souls.

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