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 Time is sure ticking

Time is sure ticking on the many, if not hundreds and more of prophecies from many that President Trump will indeed serve a second consecutive term as President of the United States. The "new" President is set to be inaugurated on January 20, 2021, about five weeks from now. One prominent voice, Chuck Pierce, has said he was shown that the elections and its controversies will not be decided until January 18, two days before the planned inauguration of Joe Biden. Every single thing in the natural says President Trump is through. Where do we go from here?

David Winter

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New Jersey, USA

 Re: Time is sure ticking

While I am not a cessationist by any stretch of the imagination, I am quite wary of supposed prophecies. There's very little fear of God left in the continuationist movement (of which I am a part.) Folks get a feeling or desire and are quick to spout off and put words in God's mouth. It is grievous.

That said, I do not know whether Trump or Biden will end up as our next president.

Either way, our hope isn't in man.

I think there are downsides to either eventuality. The downsides to Biden having the presidency are pretty obvious. But one significant downside to Trump having it is the fact that so many folks who bear the name of Christ have made Trump into some kind of hero.

Now, I am glad that he has done the good that he has. And I must say that he's easily been the best president since Reagan. However, I do not believe for a moment that he is a conservative and I doubt that he is a Christian. I don't think he stands for or operates by a biblical set of principles.

And be that as it may, a significant issue, since folks build him up to be some hero, is that they may feel that once we get him back into office, we've essentially won.

The real battle we have on our hands isn't a political one. It isn't a battle to get the people we want into the positions of power that we want. It isn't to get the legislation that we want. Those things are good and fine. The real issue is that the soul of this nation is terribly, terribly sick.

At least with Biden in office (and I do not want him in office,) we will see Christians remain concerned over the state of things.

We've really got to address our world view. We have allowed humanism and naturalism to seep into the way we think. We think way too much like the heathen and way too much like the left.

We'd honestly be better off taking the time we do in paying attention to the play-by-play of politics and spending it being still before the Lord and seeking His face. Maybe then we'd actually have folks prophesying true prophecies and maybe then we'd have actual, spiritual victories... victories that last.

Joseph Martin Lowsky

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Well stated Joseph.


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Hi Joseph,
I have noticed that (and I am not saying at all you are one )that when Christians who cant complain about Trump because he has backed us up 100% and backed Israel up !00% they will resort to this complaint which is basically "dont put ur trust in man but God" with the inference that backing Trump is putting ur trust in man and not God.

"so many folks who bear the name of Christ have made Trump into some kind of hero.

Their are no upsides to having Joe Biden as President absolutely none and their can be no excuse for voting for such an atheistic party.
Donald Trump is a hero but that doesnt mean that we are putting our Trust in man but rather glorifying God for bringing along a man to do his bidding.
Joshua was a hero ,Paul was a Hero and Peter and ,and ,and but that doesnt mean that we cant celebrate having a hero as a leader without being told ur not putting God first.
The soul of the nation will not be healed by four years of the crazy left .God Glorified will heal the nation and we cant Glorify him for Joe Biden or George Bush or Bill Clinton but we can Glorify him for Donald Trump who restored prayer to the Whitehouse,wasnt ashamed to utter the name of Jesus Christ publically ,backed Israel 100% and backed our freedom to congregate in Churches under the constitution among other things.
On Prophesy their is no doubt a problem and we know what the problem is.We have people trying to exploit other people.Hasnt that happened forever and a day?

That however does not mean true Prophesy doesnt exist both forthtelling and foretelling .What should we do then.?

1.Dont throw out the baby with the bathwater for the bible tells us what the prophetic is for edification,exaltation and comfort or consolation.We still need all these three things today as far as I checked .Before anyone comments I know you can get all three in other ways but the Prophetic a direct line from God when it comes to edification,consolation and exaltation.
2.Look to the Bible on what the teaching says which is "if it doenst come to pass,then it was not of God.
3.I think we should ask God for a strategy to deal with people who prophesy falsely for gain and cause harm to the Church and his name.
Isnt Trump beating Hillary not a spiritual victory?For the many millions that have prayed and spent still time before the Lord seeking his face asking for leaders that would do God's Bidding?
My question to you Joseph is can you give me an example of a true prophesy and can you give me a link to that true prophesy on Youtube or a better platform? urs staff

P.S When if ever did we have a President and staff like Pence ,Pompeo and Mcaneny that were so Anti Abortion in our lifetime and werent afraid to say it nor put Supreme court Judges and other judges in place that will ulimately cause it to stop?Are Christians who vote for Biden crazy is what goes through my mind to be honest.

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Thanks staff. My sentiments exactly.

Blessings to everyone.

David Winter

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My husband says that when Trump was elected four years ago it was a miracle - not many gave him a chance of winning at the onset of candidates' campaigns and even up to the election. But win he did. If somehow things turn around - which seems almost impossible - and he stays in office it will be another miracle.

I pray that whatever happens my trust in the LORD will not waver because I see nothing but turmoil in our future regardless who wins the presidency. In the meantime we are praying that God will show Himself mighty.


Sandra Miller

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