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For those about to...

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Here in NZ I have the following news:

US Electoral College formally confirms Joe Biden's presidential election victory
13:58, Dec 15 2020 AP

"US President-elect Joe Biden told Americans that “democracy prevailed'' as electors nationwide cast votes affirming his victory in last month's election,

What an interesting time we live in...
Come Lord Jesus !

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Hi Deogloria,

A few things
The 14th of December is not a day written in stone and the Electors have to be counted and certified on Jan 6th
Of course the False Prophets of CNN and its world wide affiliates around the Globe will declare false things like this is over and done with etc.But will be delighted to find out that it is not even close to being over.

The Republicans in have also sent in slates of electors in the swing states Nevada,Michigan,PA etc .These are duelling slates of electors.Some of these duelling slates are procedural (just in case the legislatures want Trump electors on Jan 6th) for legal reasons.
Hawaii for instance was changed from Nixon to JFK despite Nixon winning the electoral college for Hawaii.
Mike Pence is in charge of the process on Jan 6th which is an advantage when it comes to proceedure.
It will take one objection from both a house and senate representative to cause a two hour debate and vote in congress.This vote will be presided over by Mike Pence not Nancy Pelosi.

In the mean time the independant audit of the Dominion Machines in Antrim County has found that they had delibrate errors built into the software ,the adjudacation logs were manually removed which is against the law and that the machines purpose was one of Fraud.
This is enough evidence for the President to implement his Executive Order of 2018 regarding election fraud and foreign interference.
Their are also Four Supreme Court Cases Pending from four of the swing states.
On top of that the Wisconsin Supreme Court gave a very favourable ruling insomuch as any one who cast their vote by mail in ballot citing "fear of covid" rather than actually having covid as a reason for absence will have their ballot more than likely thrown out.This will account for probably up to 200,000 ballots illegally cast.
If all else fails the President can introduce military courts or maritial law to temporary replace civil law so that his case can be heard.
We can expect more evidence and whistleblowers over the next few weeks to come forward.
Their is no doubt that the Lord is on the side of President Trump who has been a great friend to Christians and Israel,
urs staff

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