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Joined: 2020/11/25
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 Just joined

Hey friends. Just found this resource and glad to find a great community. I’m really new in preaching and learning a lot. I’m not a pastor but a youth minister, not sure if I will go the pastor road in the future or not. Will wait on the call from the Lord and the church. Also with the second baby on the way, this seems to be a good time to be able to focus on family.

Anyway, prayers for me right now would be great. We live in Hong Kong and are looking to move to Canada hopefully after our second is born. Visa is under way and already have the church lined up. Praise God! But with covid and all the craziness of 2020, the visa process is really slow. We were supposed to move in August! I quit and so did my wife in prep to move... but we are still here. I’m tutoring here and there to make Ip for it, but it’s tight.

It’s been a fun season though. I’m still volunteering at my church and my wife and I are able to try a few churches and just be a “normal worshiper” which is great. We haven’t been able to worship together like this in a long time. And I have a lot of time to read now too!

Anyway, that’s me. Would love to talk to someone about preaching and get a little mentorship. Can send you one of my sermons. Would also love to call and pray/chat. Something I realised recently is a lack of mentorship over the last few months so if any pastor wants to take a bit of time, would be appreciated. Also, I’m always down for learning something new/ reading something powerful so if you have any good recommendations let me know.

Blessings brothers and sisters in Christ.

 2020/11/26 12:22Profile

Joined: 2009/11/7
Posts: 1521

 Re: Just joined

Welcome Steven, it’s nice to have your voice among us.

I would recommend listening to “Man’s Petty Kingdoms” by Art Katz. It’s in the right sidebar. Then go through Art’s Apostolic Foundations series. A good read for ministry let alone your Christian walk and even your existence is the transcription of Boris Sorokovsky’s “A Call to the Churches of America.”

I believe you need to carefully consider what it means that Christ is the head of the Church. When you have grasped this you will understand why the term “normal worshipper” is a misnomer. Your authority is not from men, Christian or otherwise; it is given by God. He must increase and I must decrease no more true of John, what than of you and I?

A final recommendation is “Widows and Orphans Indeed” also Katz. Here’s the link:

 2020/11/26 15:47Profile

Joined: 2020/11/25
Posts: 4


Thanks Jeremy for the recommendations. I’ll check them out over the next couple days. Good to hear from you and have you advice!

Thanks for the point on being a “normal worshiper”. I understand what you mean and do need to be more careful with my words.

I’ll check back in a couple days with thoughts from the resources you gave. Thanks!

 2020/11/26 23:37Profile

Joined: 2020/12/30
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Welcome, I'm new here too. Many thanks to Jeremy for the answer, I also need it. Happy New Year to you!!!

 2020/12/30 12:42Profile

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