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VIRTUE - Morally good, moral excellence; goodness; righteousness. conformity of one's life and conduct to moral and ethical principles; uprightness
Virtue is not a limitless supply. We receive, and it is like a spiritual energy each day. It is renewed in prayer, HIS word, and choice of how much time we spend on these things. When we use it up, we must go back to the source, and renew the supply. Sometimes life events have a great deal of influence on our supply of virtue. For example, our labors to share the Gospel. Share HIS love with others. Sometimes we get in the flesh, and that uses up spiritual energy also. Sometimes we allow ourselves to be offended. It takes energy to hold a grudge, or to think about how “unfair” life has been to you. And we find ourselves spiritually exhausted. We use the same energy spent on ungodliness, as we do on virtue. We find ourselves very weak, broken, and often wonder why? What do you use your virtue for? Blessing? Or Cursing. Love? Or Resentment? War? Or Peace? Getting? Or Giving? Sowing? Or Reaping? The Present? Or the past? Do we guard our heart, being prudent about what we see, hear, and think about? Or is our day a rollercoaster ride of emotional highs and lows? Choices we all make. They are not always reactions. They are choices. We can prune our lives of thoughts that exalt themselves above the Word. We can isolate our ears and our eyes from all the ungodliness and lies the world desires to bombard us with day by day. We can walk by FAITH, or we can react to “sight”. You see, there is a reality that is not of this world. They can’t give it to you, nor take it from you. It begins at the CROSS, and it unfolds where HE leads us. Every breath is an exercise of FAITH or FUTILITY. Every breath is a test. It takes discipline to breath each one. It’s like, do you want to breath fresh clean air? Or would you like smoke in it? Or chemical vapors? Or the air just above a sewer?
Our emotional strength comes from a continual supply of GRACE. How we spend it, is our choice. Choice number one renews our strength while choice number two uses it up. Better choices, better results, today, and tomorrow too. Believe it……or not. - L

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