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 Praying Like Jesus by Francois Carr

“Prayer does not need proof; it needs practice.” – William Evans

Jesus loved to pray. It was as part of His life as breathing. It was His regular habit and resort to every emergency. He chose to live His life in the power and resources of the Holy Spirit, received from the Father, rather than to use His own strength as God the Son. The disciples watched Him and asked Him to teach them how to pray (Luke 11:1). He gave them the ‘The Lord’s Prayer”, as a model to follow but we are not told that Jesus prayed that prayer Himself.

However, we find in John 17 a prayer that Jesus Himself prayed. In this high priestly prayer of our Lord, we discover the method of Jesus’ prayer, a method all of us ought to adopt in our prayers. In a study and meditation of the prayer that Jesus prayed, we can clearly see how it moves in three distinct circles.
· Jesus prayed for Himself (John 17:1-8). He enjoyed sweet communion and fellowship with His Father and talked to Him about His life and ministry on earth.
· Jesus prayed for His Own (John 17: 9-19). He prayed for His disciples, followers and Church that they would be preserved from the evil one and be sanctified through the truth.

· Jesus prayed for the World (John 17: 20-26). Jesus looked down the corridor of time and future and prayed for all who were to listen to His preaching and teaching and interceded for them that the world may believe.
Could it be that one of the reasons why we are not so effective in our prayer life is simply because we have no method to follow? We can be more specific in our prayers. Let’s start to develop a method of our own, as we follow the example of our Lord.

· First, why don’t you take a moment and draw three circles on a notepad.

· Second, pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in how to pray and what to pray for.

· Third, fill every circle (based on His example) with specific needs and concerns to pray about and the names of friends and family members, missionary organizations as He leads you to pray.

· Fourth, then start to pray.

· Fifth, pay attention as you pray for any guidance, impressions or promises received from the Holy Spirit.

Jesus received His guidance from the Father just as we have to do today. He lived His life in dependence upon His Father in exactly the same way as you and I are called to do in our lives. So, let us pray as we follow His example.

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