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 A Letter to a dear brother in need!

As you know dear brother, and as your father and mother know in their burden and faithfulness you have a grave circumstance in your life that by now amounts to a ship driven upon the rocks, bereft of its rudder and soon to be pounded by the waves that will break the bough and thereby make the vessel unfit for any service at all. And yet despite that the sea has tossed you to near destruction it has not been by the winds of doctrine - it has been by the winds of anger and fear and rebellion.

When in the boat, where the winds seemed to the disciples to be about to sink the ship, Christ slept. And when He awoke to their cries of fear He spoke to the wind and the waves and they were calmed. The disciples being fresh from their trial could not by then remain in their flesh of fear, but by reason of their astonishment were compelled to ask themselves the question, ‘Who is this man, that He even commands the wind and the waves?’

You said to me 'I've been a ship being pulled here and there in the waves with no plotted course, and no one at the helm, as if Christ was below decks sleeping.

Therefore the Lord says to you dear brother,

A ship that is upon the rocks, on a headland and being in the vicinity of the beach is easily seen when a stranger goes down onto the beach. It is visible to the naked eye. If he is a compassionate man then his first concern is for the life onboard the ship. He remembers that he knows the Coast Guard and so he rings him, and raising him from his bed he sounds the alarm. Now others rush to their duty. The beach becomes filled with men and women. The man also knows that the ship is vulnerable to maritime wreckers who will remove the cargo and make a profit.

Now the Coastguard is into the sea in his boat, and so are the wreckers and one is for life and the other is for possessions. Yet hidden from them all, though they know of him, stands one who always seeks to destroy the ship. He always desires to destroy the ship. Mothers gather to concern themselves for their sons and fathers for their first born fruit. Now men with great poles of ash rush into their boats and to the sharp rocks taking their own lives to be of no account, and they begin to press the belly of the ship so that when the great wave comes which would totally ruin the ship and break it into a thousand pieces - the ship can be pressed by the swell of the ocean as its power with the poles as its tiller back into its course upon the ocean..

Now the Captain of the ship is standing before the Maritime Coast Guard. And he is saluted by the lesser authority yet knowing that he must now give an account to a greater authority. So the lesser authority asks for his charts and his journal. And now another man is also standing on the beach with the Maritime Coast Guard and the Ships Captain and in his hand are the vision of the keys that will serve to put the helmsman into prison and by the end of it to release him also. Though by then not a release that will have his course upon the sea, as there will be no more sea, but upon the land of a new heavens and a new earth. And if that seems pleasing to you then consider that you will not see the kingdom come nor have any part in it unless you begin to obey the Father.

It would be far better dear brother if you yielded your condition up and suffered the many hands that have come to obey their God so that the ship of your calling can be eased off the sharp rocks and that the rudder can be refitted and the sails repaired and the ship go on its proper course. If not then your calling will be irrecoverable and one day you will have to give an account.


 2020/10/25 16:52

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