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Dear rhuomai,

You really blessed me with your answers to a couple of my questions. Thank you for sharing! Even in your reply I had to look up two more words. Hah! “Extant codices”....interesting!

Mostly, I am still rejoicing to see the love and humility that came forth between you and brother Michael later on in your conversation. That really made my day after how grieved I had been at the candor between you, Todd and Jade especially.

May grace abound among us to have gentleness of speech toward one another at all times, even when speaking truth in love.

 2020/10/19 0:43

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I for one look forward to more discussions with rhuomai in our Lord Jesus Christ as an older brother! That I can learn from Him through Christ Jesus.

"Why do we divide and tear to pieces the body of Christ, and raise up strife against our own body and have reached such a height of madness as to forget that we are members of one another?" Clement


 2020/10/19 1:24Profile


I am so glad to see where this thread has gone, and Caleb, you have no need of any forgiveness from me.

Todd & Deogloria- When you were the one committing the sin of pride how did Christ deal with you? A public lynching and scolding? Excommunication from his church? Maybe that would be a good starting point for your dealing with someone you assume is in that same sin.

God bless.

 2020/10/19 12:52

Joined: 2012/2/8
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//A public lynching and scolding?//

You mean like you just did?


 2020/10/19 13:53Profile



If you were on the receiving end of this, including a whole thread labeled “TMK”, I would speak up for you too.

I did not scold you for any of your personal traits, perceived sins, or perceived deficits. I just asked you to extend grace to a participant on this forum for their style of speech, and you have made it clear that you feel differently.

So let’s just leave it at that.

 2020/10/19 14:56

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 Re: Rhuomai

So ܡܫܚܐ alias Rhuomai alias amrkelly has vanished again?

 2020/11/2 12:59Profile

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I have known Rhuomai for many years and I'm surprised the recent comments he posted have resulted in him being banned. I have read through the recent posts made and I would genuinely want to understand what was said that would cause such a response to be necessary by the moderator? I am new to this site and it was recommended by Rhuomai, so its perplexing that Greg has decided on this course of action.

I would greatly appreciate clarification on this issue.


 2020/11/2 15:42Profile



I was just about to respond to another thread and let Rhuomai know that *some* of what he shared was starting to make sense to me, and also how one of his other posts had been a blessing.

This is really unfortunate...

 2020/11/2 20:22

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


So ܡܫܚܐ alias Rhuomai alias amrkelly has vanished again?

Yes brother, unfortunately he has been asked to not participate in the forums. A major reason is the "accusatory" tone to individuals, and confusing posts that really are misleading for believers such as the one on islam. The forums here are not a preaching site people to have a personal pulpit but rather the discussion forums are a humble place to learn, ask questions and try and grow together in the Lord. It was initially geared for discussions around the actual sermons on SermonIndex itself.

I am going to lock this thread now.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2020/11/2 21:17Profile

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