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Hi dear rhuomai!

I looked up the Hebrew meaning of that word, having never heard it before.

Here is the meaning found under Strong’s Concordance:

“to draw to oneself, deliver”

Why did you choose that for your name here?

Also, how come you keep addressing TMK as “Tod”, with one “d”?

Finally, what is the meaning of the symbol at the end of your posts, in the place where people often sign their name?

Being draw and delivered in Love,

 2020/10/18 13:00

 Re: Rhuomai


What is the purpose of this post? This seems very targeted towards an individual in a way that's not very welcoming on a "Welcome & Intro" post. After you yourself gave verbal affirmation on a post about showing long-suffering, and unity in another, to then immediately create a thread to [discreetly] call out a poster is lacking self-awareness to say the least.

I was genuinely blessed by the grace and wisdom of Rhuomai's post with Michael L. I don't know Rhuomai but that exchange is exactly what I needed to hear, being someone in the same stage of life as Michael. It seems like he was blessed as well. If I had a father in the faith a few years ago when I was all full of zeal but lacking sanctification and focus on what really mattered at that time (the speck in my own eye) I could have saved myself a lot of trouble.

Secondly, I understand that every once in a while a mystery poster will appear, appointing himself as a prophet, and write a verbal essay against the church but then refuse to engage the audience. I don't get that sense of Rhuomai. I see him asking questions to clarify in each communication and writing short direct points that gets to the heart of the issue. Why is he in the wrong just because you disagree with his style of writing? One poster, Todd (with two d's... please can we not assume a simple spelling mistake has a sinister meaning?)said Rhuomai "pontificates". Do all the speakers on this site pontificate then? Does Todd realize that most people across the world may not speak in the style and common vernacular of an American and have had very formal training in English... not to mention most people do speak seriously about spiritual matters, because... well, it's serious?

When Todd, you needed to address a serious spiritual matter with your pastor I'm sure this "open and affirming" pastor at least gave you the courtesy to listen to your points? Yet instead of extending that same courtesy to your brother in Christ you mock is style of writing and others mock him with sarcasm. At that point if someone points out you are in the flesh, how are they wrong? We can all be in the flesh and thank God for the grace he gives us through his church to get back on track. Today he may have been the iron that sharpens you and tomorrow you could be the iron that sharpens him... but instead these seems to be a clique that's forming to target one man.

Rhuomai- I don't know you, but I do hope you continue to post here as the Lord leads. Others will obviously weight your words with the Word of God, as I'm sure you will with others, but at least I hope you get the courtesy to be treated as a brother and not with unwarranted suspicions, unless you prove otherwise.

 2020/10/18 17:40

Joined: 2012/2/8
Posts: 6231



If you cannot see the pomposity of rhuomai’s posts then you are not looking very closely. He essentially accuses those who do not see things exactly as he does of being in the flesh or doomed to destruction.

Do you have reason to believe that a language barrier is the reason? If so please tell us. Personally I don’t think that has anything to do with it.

He has entered the forum and set himself up as the final arbiter of the truth.


 2020/10/18 18:31Profile

Joined: 2020/2/12
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Exactly right Todd
I sensed this long time ago.

 2020/10/18 18:59Profile

 Re: Rhuomai

The name or the term rhuomai is a greek term and it means as you have given its meaning. The term ܡܫܚܐ is old Syriac and appears in numerous extant codices. Its meaning is the same as the Hebrew verb מָשַׁח (mashach) and means to anoint with oil.


 2020/10/18 20:39


I do apologise Todd for misspelling your name as I have done several times. It was not a wilful act.

I have to say Todd that I am a little taken aback by your view of my posts. What I cannot say is that they are not wilful and that they are not directed at a true meaning. I suppose that it would be best if you were to ignore me brother else you may stumble into a bitter spirit.

In return I will try to disregard you as well if that helps.


 2020/10/18 20:50


Thank you for standing up for me. I would rather that it were not necessary to have to post in defence of my person. I understand what is being done and it is a spiritual matter that has to do with the direction of things and little to do with myself in truth.

As for being suspicious - then I am afraid suspicion is a reserve of the natural mind even with the apostle Paul who was not received in Jerusalem. It took a prophet to take him to one side and bring him to the other apostles. I am not offended by what is said in that regard. It's perhaps more of a spiritual means to remove a man than to hear a man. Yet if I choose to direct myself at a man by name then what have I to complain that he directs himself to have me removed?

Your first post and what a marvel it is!


 2020/10/18 21:10



May I ask you brother how my 'signature' is offensive to you?

ܡܫܚܐ is akin to Aramaic (to anoint) and is one of the oldest extant codices of the New Testament Scriptures in existence. It is from the Peshitta. In Arabic the word is مسح and that same word (anoint) is used in Qur'an to falsely speak of Christ in the term الْمَسِيحُ عِيسَى. When words are used to make a false presentation then even innocent words are false - yet they cannot of themselves cause offence unless we discern them to be false and against the truth of God and Christ. So in asking you this question I am simply asking how an old Syriac word - to anoint (with oil) can be offensive to you!


 2020/10/18 22:55

Joined: 2020/2/12
Posts: 215



"In Rome we should do as the Romans..."
And in an English forum we should use English words, or at least give us the English word in ( brackets )
But I have now removed the comment about your signature in my previous post

 2020/10/19 0:37Profile


Hi dear MayInBoston,

Thank you for calling me out! It’s caused no small amount of reflection, and I’m remiss for the lack of self awareness you mentioned, along with any disrespect toward rhuomai and this Welcome & Intro forum. Would you please forgive me?

My purpose was to get to know rhuomai better (although I was admittedly troubled by the spirit of some earlier posts toward Michael, Todd & Jade). I now realize aspects of my approach here were passive aggressive and immature. It’s embarrassing, but a good lesson.


 2020/10/19 0:37

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